Project Veritas Founder Suggests Next Big Undercover Video Sting Will Target Media

James O’Keefe first became a name by busting the Associations of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) for their corrupt practices on hidden video.

As founder of Project Veritas, O’Keefe has actually uncovered many scandals since ACORN, making him a name around conservative circles.


Work must be slow, because now O’Keefe is signaling that he’ll be going after the news media.

Professional hidden camera stinger James O’Keefe revealed Tuesday that he is on the cusp of releasing “hundreds of hours” of footage from “one corporation, multiple newsrooms.”

So any news outlet, in particular?

It is the one President Trump has been discussing recently, O’Keefe told Sean Hannity in a radio interview.

“It’s the one he’s always targeting.”

I guess we can assume that would be CNN.

And what are these hidden camera videos going to reveal? That CNN has a liberal bias?

That’ll be a shock to absolutely no one.

A Huffington Post reporter asked O’Keefe if he got the footage from the camera or set crews, but he did not reveal that information.

The footage will be released “WikiLeaks-style,” O’Keefe announced.


I’m not sure what O’Keefe’s endgame is, here, and I can’t imagine what the videos would reveal that would be of any earth-moving significance.

I’m going to put in my early prediction now: A couple of news guys sitting around, talking about how they don’t like Trump.

I mean, it’s almost like they’re actual people, with actual opinions, likes and dislikes.

O’Keefe really does seem desperate for material, lately, as he tries to recreate his ACORN glory days.

Maybe something will come along big enough to give him that shot in the arm he craves.



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