WATCH: Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Shows How To Defend Against "Trump Handshake"

Ok. This is funny.

A mixed martial arts online magazine, after seeing President Trump’s awkward handshake with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week, has decided to release a video showing how to block the “Donald Trump handshake.”


For a refresher, when asked to shake hands for a photo op, not only was the handshake uncomfortably long, but Trump did this bewildering Trump thing, where he actually pulled Abe’s hand aggressively towards him.

When it was over, the look on Abe’s face was priceless.

I don’t know Japanese, but do they have a word for “whack-a-doodle,” because that’s what Abe’s facial expression conveyed.

“I wanted to share a technique today … as I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed I see this video and it hits me. I’ve got to teach the defense against the Donald Trump handshake,” says one of the members of the Relson Gracie Academia de Jiu-Jitsu in the video.

“Somebody grabs your hand and they pull you in — you’ve seen the awkwardness.”

“Now I’m not suggesting you do this to the president,” he added, then demonstrating the “goose neck” wrist lock he says will defend against the hand shake.

He was quick to note that he wasn’t threatening the president, lest someone get the wrong idea.

“Secret Service, I promise, if I meet the president, I probably won’t wristlock him,” the instructor jokes in the video.

It’s not a bad video, and can probably be used in other situations, outside of defending against the aggressive, would-be dominant moves of a president.


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