Scott Baio And Other Trump Devotees Are Telling Nordstrom To Bake The D*mn Cake


Remember the outrage from conservatives when Christian businesses were forced to close for not catering to the bullying from the LGBT lobby?


Conservatives, Christians, and just decent individuals across the board should have been outraged. These businesses were not discriminating. They held to a certain faith principle, but otherwise, they were running a business, and seeking their part in the “American dream.”

In recent days, we’ve seen a new face of bullying emerge, and this is not how the free market was meant to operate.

When department store, Nordstrom announced earlier this month that they’d be dropping Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, due to poor sales, President Trump took to Twitter to condemn the company.

There was no question about how well the line was doing, or even a cursory measure of professional courtesy, considering Trump is a businessman, as well, and should understand how the market works.

If you are a business that actually wants to remain viable, you find out what sells, then you sell that. If it doesn’t sell, you clear the way for items that may bring a profit.

Admittedly, the sales numbers may have been affected by the election.

Overall, Nordstrom reports a 32 percent drop in sales of the Ivanka Trump line for 2016. In the last three weeks of October 2016, there was a sharp drop of more than 70 percent.

That is entirely up to the customers. They decide what they want to buy or not buy.


It is ludicrous to think that if the line was doing well, a business, with shareholders to please would drop that line and risk that profit.

However, Trump loyalists have lit up social media to rage at the free market.

Ivanka Trump’s line, whether it sells or not, apparently should be a required staple for every store shelf, merely due to the fact that she is Trump’s daughter, and as such, is owed such loyalty.

To do otherwise is treason against the king… er… president.

Of those voicing their outrage, Chachi felt necessary to chime in, and posted proof today that he has spent over $30,000 in Nordstrom, but was joining the boycott.

I’ll give Baio this much: at least he’s got proof that he was actually a Nordstrom customer.

Most of those raging against Nordstrom for a blasphemy against the revered Trump name were never customers, anyway. They just wanted to join in on the outrage party.

I’ve talked to several, and when I tell them, “You’re boycotting a store you never shopped at, anyway,” they don’t really seem to get my point. They also refuse to believe it could simply be a business decision, as Nordstrom has insisted, even revealing their internal sales numbers.


My question now is to all those “conservatives” who are outraged that Nordstrom made a business decision to cut a failing fashion line.

If you are a conservative and you support the free market, how do you reconcile that with your insistence that a business go against its own self-interest, rather than follow free market trends of demand?

For Baio, I would ask how much of that $30,000 was spent on Ivanka Trump’s fashion line?

Unless it was all on Trump’s wares, then his protest is pointless and against the conservative ideals he and others are claiming to support.

That goes for all of them.

How many of those enraged Trump devotees were routinely buying Ivanka’s products, in order to keep the line competitive?

More and more we’re seeing that Trumpism has nothing to do with conservatism.

Oh, and just a closing note to those intrepid boycotters, Nordstrom stock jumped upwards after your rage parties began, so there’s that.



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