Judges Involved in Trump Travel Ban Decisions Requiring Extra Security After Receiving Threats

The judges involved in the legal cases surrounding Trump’s travel ban are getting a taste of what it is to cross the object of idolatry in this new cult of personality the nation has been burdened with.


To be clear, I don’t have a huge problem with temporary restrictions on entry to this nation, considering the growing threats in the world. And that’s all the ban did. It wasn’t a complete ban. It was for 90 days, to allow for more thorough vetting.

The problem seems to be in the rollout. It was rushed through, in order to appease Trump’s devotees. Corners were cut, and it left the move open to legal challenges.

Not that liberals were going to let him make a move without suing, anyway.

This, however, is too much.

CNN has reported that several of the judges have been threatened and are requiring extra security, after last night’s decision was handed down from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, upholding the halt on the travel ban.

CNN did not learn how specific the threats were, but law enforcement agencies treated them seriously and out of an abundance of caution, the US Marshals Service and local police increased patrols and protective officers to provide security for some of the judges, the officials said.

A spokesperson from the US Marshals Service declined to comment directly on the threats but said that while “we do not discuss our specific security measures, we continuously review the security measures in place for all federal judges and take appropriate steps to provide additional protection when it is warranted.”

Trump has publicly slammed the judges involved in this case from his Twitter platform.

Does that mean he’s signaling to his raging cult members to go after those judges?


Not at all.

However, we have seen how just a word from Trump can cause his followers to spin off into deeper, murkier waters, and this is a particularly hot topic.

Security experts say that while Trump’s comments were clearly not meant to put the judges’ safety at risk, in general, public officials should avoid comments against a specific judge so as not to spur an unhappy litigant.

“Federal judges are constantly under some kind of threat around the country, and the US Marshals investigate hundreds of threats every year on the federal judiciary,” said Arthur D. Roderick, who is a retired assistant director for investigations for the US Marshals.

“Anybody that has looked at what the US Marshals do has got to realize that an attack on any judge is an attack on the rule of law of the United States,” he said, noting that the President’s sister is a federal judge and the President should be familiar with threats against judges.

The world is full of “unwell” individuals, unfortunately, and there are plenty in Trump’s camp, ready to do something stupid and destructive, just to have Trump say their name or tweet some encouragement their way.

Is that an exaggeration of the situation?

I wish it was, but I have come to embrace the absurd as possible.



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