White House Looks To Lighten The Load For Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Well, you kind of had to see this one coming.

The word that is circulating is that the White House is looking for someone to “lighten the load” for White House press secretary Sean Spicer.


I think you can probably read a lot into that phrase, “lighten the load.”

Spicer has not been the most helpful of press secretaries many of us have seen in our lifetime. When Saturday Night Live lampooned him last weekend, with Melissa McCarthy pulling off a hilarious parody of a Spicer press conference, the tone wasn’t very far off.

According to CNN:

A source familiar with internal communications said President Donald Trump is disappointed in Spicer’s performance during the first two weeks of the administration.

Spicer has served as both White House press secretary and communications director for the new administration. Those roles are typically filled by two staffers.

Former Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller was originally tapped to serve as communications director for the White House, but Miller stepped aside before Inauguration Day to spend more time with his family.

Those same sources are saying Spicer was recommended by White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, for the job. The two have worked closely before.

Trump is apparently “not pleased” with Priebus, blaming him for recommending Spicer.


“Priebus vouched for Spicer and against Trump’s instincts,” the source said.

The President “regrets it every day and blames Priebus,” the source added.

But a senior administration official says Trump supports Spicer “100%.”

A separate West Wing source pushed back on the notion that Spicer is suddenly unpopular with Trump, saying “nothing could be further from the truth.”

Still, Spicer wasn’t Trump’s first, or even second choice.

Kellyanne Conway was considered for the job, as was Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle.

For now, it seems Spicer will keep his job as press secretary, but Trump’s team is looking for someone to fill the role of communications director, soon.

The hope is that taking that extra responsibility off of Spicer’s shoulders will improve his performance.

At least he’s not Josh Earnest.


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