Trump's New Hip-Hop Name, Or Just A Hilarious Treat For The Internet?

This is hilarious, although I know it wasn’t intended to be.

President Trump took to Twitter (of course) to tweet about his travel ban, and all the ensuing chaos surrounding it.

What we have to keep in mind is that 140 characters really isn’t enough to always get full, accurate thoughts through, but that’s all you’re allowed in a single tweet, so you have to adjust accordingly.

Sometimes, meaning gets lost in the abbreviated messaging.


Twitter is an absolute beast, because it opens up your thoughts to a wide world of ridicule, and this was no different.

From the Hill:

 The phrase “easy D” appears to have meant Trump believes the ruling should be an “easy decision.” Social media users, however, teased that “easy D” could be Trump’s “hip hop name,” among more salacious interpretations.


And a look at the Urban Dictionary defines “Easy D” this way:

“A girl that is very easy to get with and has Double Ds
Jeremy was dating Easy D only cause she is so easy to get with.”

Maybe that is what Trump meant to say, after all?

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