VIDEO: Disgusting Abortion Activist Does The Most Vile Thing She Can Do To Pro-Lifer

Forget jail.

She deserves a roundhouse kick to the face by King Kong.

About 8 times.

Because liberals are generally irrational deviants, and because pro-infanticide liberals are particularly rabid, things like this should be expected.


A story out of Ashland, Oregon is turning stomachs, and it involves a confrontation during a pro-life protest outside of an Oregon Planned Parenthood clinic.


According to the Ashland Police Department, an organized protest was being held in front of Planned Parenthood on January 27. During the protest, an unknown woman approached a man who was protesting and “struck him in the face with a wet sanitary napkin.” The woman then ran off toward the rear of the building.

Video of the incident taken by the protester was shared on YouTube. It shows the woman coming toward the protester while he was arguing with another individual. The protester said the woman caught him unaware and “shoved her bloody maxi pad into my mouth” as she yelled profanities.

In the video, it begins with a young man arguing with one of the pro-life protesters.

The language is “salty,” and that’s to be expected, as they are incapable of carrying on a conversation without profanity.

The pro-lifer was apparently filming that exchange, thinking it would be the worst he had to deal with, when you hear some screeching harridan say, “Eat this f**king pad, you –“ before the camera drops and there’s a bit of a struggle.

Even the young man who was initially arguing with the victim of the attack had to stop what he was doing and say, “See… that’s hateful.”


The attacker was identified as 21-year old Ashley Starushok. She has turned herself into the police and is being held in the Jackson County jail on a single count of harassment.

I would say that is a light charge.

The victim of the attack has no idea if she has diseases and he will have to be checked.

It’s a disgusting display of incivility and unhinged behavior, cultivated by a society that no longer teaches self-respect, or respect for others.

This person hasn’t had a point in her life where anyone has taken her aside and explained to her the intrinsic value of listening, empathizing, or finding common ground.

All she knows is lashing out, and making it as disgusting and vile as possible.

She’s the perfect model for Planned Parenthood.

She’s ugly and despicable. What they do is ugly and despicable.

They should start the promo shoots as soon as she gets out of jail.

And they can pay her in maxi-pads.


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