Protesters Force GOP Rep Out Of Town Hall With Police Escort (VIDEO)

It’s getting scary out there, folks.

Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters flooded the streets outside of Tower Theater, in Roseville, California.

Republican Representative Tom McClintock attempted to quiet down protesters, by sympathizing with their positions, while also defending Trump.


“I understand you do not like Donald Trump,” McClintock said, according to the report.

“I sympathize with you. There have been elections where our side has lost… Just a word of friendly advice: Remember that there were many people in America who disagreed and feared Barack Obama just as vigorously as you disagree with and fear Donald Trump.”

They weren’t having it.

Demonstrators outside sported signs with messages including “Resist,” “Dump Tom McTrump” and “Climate change is real,” pushing the GOP lawmaker to denounce his party’s plans to repeal ObamaCare, according to the report.

Your basic, cafeteria-styled, leftwing protest.

Ultimately, McClintock had to be escorted out of the town hall meeting by police, for his protection.

Be careful out there, people.


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