DHS Secretary John Kelly Left Out Of Decision Making Process Regarding Travel Ban, Staffing

The chaotic scene being played out at airports across the nation this past weekend wasn’t just reserved for protesters, detained immigrants, and the customs officials trying to resolve the nightmare.


There has been some behind-the-scenes drama within the Trump administration, as well.

On Monday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported on the conflict concerning staffing decisions.

That tension didn’t take long to materialize. Mr. Kelly hasn’t been able to name the deputy he wants at the agency, people familiar with the matter said, and he fought off attempts by the White House to put Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state known as a hard-liner on immigration, into the position.

Mr. Kelly was also frustrated at not knowing the details of the travel ban earlier, so he could prepare his agency to respond, according to people familiar with the matter. Mr. Trump signed the executive order that created the ban late Friday afternoon. Mr. Kelly was only informed of the details that day as he was traveling to Washington, even though he had pressed the White House for days to share with him the final language, the people said.


I can see how being left out of the loop on something that is a core part of your new position might cause some injured feelings.

White House press weasel, Sean Spicer, doesn’t quite get where Kelly is coming from, as evidenced by this quote, “The people that needed to be kept in the loop were kept in the loop.”

Apparently not.

Late Monday, the administration announced that they intended to nominate Elaine Duke, a former agency official under George W. Bush, for the deputy position.

Perhaps Mr. Kelly will feel more at ease with her.


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