So Is "Calexit" About To Be A Thing?

Is this a threat or a promise?

These people are seriously going to make me reconsider my views on Trump, because sometimes, the deal is just too sweet to pass up.


Folks over on the left coast are looking to do what Texas has talked about and what the British did with the European Union – as in, secede from the United States.

The Yes California Independence Campaign has been around for at least two years, but saw the election of President Trump only increase momentum for the so-called “Calexit” cause. Trump lost California by more than 4 million votes, fueling interest in a Calexit—a play on the British Brexit campaign that saw that country’s voters decide to leave the European Union.

The California Secretary of State’s office announced that the group could begin collecting signatures on Thursday.

The group needs 585,407 signatures from registered voters over the next 180 days to qualify for the ballot.

Trump lost California by around 4 million votes. No surprise for anyone, there, given Cali’s hyper-liberal leanings. I imagine that out of 4 million voters, they could manage to scrape out the requisite amount of signatures for those who want to distance themselves from a nation that they have very little in common with.


If once on the 2018 ballot the initiative passes, it goes to a 2019 special election for the state, to determine if there is enough support to break away from the United States.

Back in November, those who want to make “Calexit” a thing brought the proposal to the state attorney general’s office.

According to a summary prepared by the state attorney general, if the measure got onto the ballot and passed, it would repeal clauses in the California Constitution stating that the state is an “inseparable part of the United States” and that the U.S. Constitution is the “supreme law of the land,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

It’s not like they’ve shown a lot of respect for the Constitution in the past.

If nothing else, this will allow for all the Hollyweird celeb types to stay put, and save face, by saying they kept their promise to leave the country if Trump were elected.


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