Sean Spicer Attacks CNN For Using A Word He Doesn't Understand

Sean Spicer is starting to remind me of the yappy little Fice dog, that acts as the guard for the crazy, drunk guy that hangs out in the park.

If a leaf blows across his path, he’s on high alert, ferociously yipping and snipping at the air.

To be more specific, Spicer seems to instinctively jump at anything he considers a “slight” by the media.

In this particular case, he tweeted out snark at CNN’s coverage of the March for Life in Washington.


It’s because that’s pretty much what March for Life is. It’s a demonstration.

Ok. Let’s try it this way.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “Demonstration” in this way:

“a public display of group feelings toward a person or cause <peaceful demonstrations against the government> <anti-war demonstrations>”

Is not March for Life a public display of feelings towards the pro-life cause? In which case, those participating are “demonstrators,” right?

Still not convinced?

When you go to the website for the march, they don’t seem to be bothered by the word, “demonstration.”

From the Hill:

“The March for Life is thrilled to announce its official list of guest speakers, set to address the world’s largest annual pro-life demonstration in Washington, D.C. on January 27th, 2017,” reads the first sentence on its homepage.

The “about us” page on the site also refers to the march as a demonstration.

So what’s your beef, Spicer?

Rhetorical question.

You’re just following orders to continue to demonize the media and you overshot.