President Trump To Speak Encouragement to Pro-Life Advocates With The March For Life Rally

So President Trump is going to get a nod from me, here, for doing something right.

The March for Life is going on today in Washington, and Trump is not ignoring the 600,000 people who will be a part of this event.


President Trump will make a phone call to pro-life marchers who are gathering to speak up for unborn children. He is keeping a tradition alive that’s seen previous presidents taking a pro-life position making similar phone calls to encourage pro-life advocates to continue fighting against abortion.

A White House reporter and the pro-life organization Susan B Anthony list both tweeted late Thursday night that Trump would make the phone call to pro-life advocates.

This is good news. Having a president recognize the importance of this event and to participate, on whatever level, can only help elevate the visibility of the event.

Vice President Mike Pence, as well as Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway will be appearing in person to speak.

On Wednesday, President Trump sat down on ABC News to speak with David Muir. As Muir tried to turn the conversation to the Women’s March, Trump spun the message back to the March for Life. As Muir asked if he could hear the crowds on Saturday, Trump responded:

“No, I couldn’t hear them. The crowds were large, but you will have a large crowd on Friday, too, which is mostly pro-life people,” Trump informed Muir before hammering him for the media’s long history of blatantly ignoring the annual March for Life in Washington, DC:

You’re going to have a lot of people coming on Friday. And I will say this, and I didn’t realize this. But I was told. You will have a very large crowd of people. I don’t know as large or larger. Some people said it will be larger. Pro-life people and they say the press doesn’t cover them.


And he’s not wrong here, as the particular purpose of March for Life is opposed to the liberal ideology of most mainstream media outlets.

Then on Thursday, Trump bashed the media bias again when it comes to covering the March for Life.

“You know, the press never gives them the credit that they deserve. They’ll have three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred thousand people, you won’t even read about it,” he said.

Well, we’ll give them press.

You can see the list of events here.


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