GOP Rep Balks At Prospect Of Sending Feds Into Inner Cities To Control Crime

Some of Trump’s wild tweeting and grandstanding is already starting to grate the nerves of Republicans in the House.

To recap, Trump tweeted out on Tuesday night that he would “send in the Feds,” if they didn’t fix the “carnage” going on in their streets.


Ok, to be fair, you do hear quite a lot about the gang violence in Chicago.

That being said, checking the 2016 World Atlas ranking of the most dangerous cities in America, it looks like Trump needs to be focusing on Detroit, Michigan (#1), rather than Chicago, which ranks #24, between Orlando, Florida (#23) and Albuquerque, New Mexico (#25).

Representative Justin Amash (R-Mich.) responded this morning to Trump’s suggestion of sending in the Feds to get Chicago under control.

Amash hasn’t exactly been what you would call an avid Trump supporter.

Amash is a libertarian Republican and the founder of the House Liberty Caucus. He never endorsed Trump during the campaign, calling him “genuinely terrifying” during the GOP primary and urging the businessman to end his campaign after the October leak of 2005 tapes showing Trump talking about groping women without their consent.


For as awful as Chicago and some of our inner cities are, when a government official starts suggesting rolling in the tanks and armored vehicles, for anything that isn’t a terrorist situation, or something highly out of the ordinary, then you have to wonder if this is still America.

There are other ways to address the problems. Let’s try those, first.



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