Latest Trump Approval Rating Hits Historic Low

It’s Inauguration Day, and the new president has made history.

No, it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a reality TV huckster, who is as surprised, or more so, than anybody that people actually voted for him.


Donald J. Trump will be entering office with a nation deeply divided and with historically low approval ratings.

How low are they?

Well, let’s just say they’ve called in the crew that set about to dredge up the remains of the Titanic from the ocean floor, and they said they couldn’t help him.

An ABC/Washington Post poll from earlier in the week had his approval rating at 40 percent.

Today’s poll, however, comes from a surprising place –

Fox News, Trump’s own campaign headquarters.

new poll from Fox News showed that 37 percent of Americans approve of Trump ahead of his inauguration, while 54 percent do not.

Measuring the country’s mood just before Inauguration Day, 60 percent of Americans said “it’s everyone for themselves,” and 34 percent said “we’re all in this together.”

If Trump gets out of the way, stays off of Twitter, and allows his cabinet to work with the Republican majority in the House and Senate, he may very well be able to boost those ratings.

For our sakes, I really hope he does.

Nobody is as pessimistic as I am about the man. I see he has a 37 percent approval rating and I wonder how it got so high.


That being said, we need him to do well. We also need our government’s checks and balances to work, just in case he screws up.

Whatever happens, there’s no turning back now.



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