Has Trump Already Gone Back on His Word About No New Foreign Deals?

Loopholes, I suppose.

The catch here seems to be with the word “new.”

Just days ago, Trump’s lawyer announced that there would be no “new” foreign deals, while Trump was president.


Yeah. About that:

Expansion plans for the Trump International Golf Course Scotland in Aberdeenshire include a second 18-hole golf course and a new 450-room five-star hotel, timeshare complex and private housing estate, The Guardian reported Saturday.

And Trump’s people are quick to point out that this is not violating his promise, in any way.

“Implementing future phasing of existing properties does not constitute a new transaction so we intend to proceed,” a Trump Organization spokeswoman told the Guardian.

Trump’s attorney, Sheri Dillon, told reporters at a news conference last Wednesday that Trump’s company would not be making any new foreign deals and would appoint an ethics adviser to sign off on new domestic business agreements.

It’s that fine line, isn’t it?

Define the word “new,” and how does it fit within this scenario?


After all, the Scotland golf course isn’t exactly new, is it?

This expansion, on foreign soil, will be new, however.

The word from Dillon is that any profits from foreign government payments on Trump properties would be donated to the U.S. Treasury.

He’s also said he would limit any information coming in regarding his businesses to profits and loss statements, only.

So is he already breaking his word, as far as profiting from foreign businesses?

I’m sure there are those who are taking this and weaving it into a tapestry of ammunition against him, even as we speak.


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