HILARIOUS: Cover Band Takes an Inaugural Stand, Out of Respect for Bruce Springsteen

Wait… what?

I legit giggle-snorted when I read this.

Everything is political. Everything is awful.

First, let’s just contemplate the shattered dreams that lead to someone playing in a Bruce Springsteen cover band.


The B-Street Band (Get it? Springsteen’s band is the E-Street Band) was scheduled to perform at the New Jersey State Society’s inaugural event, happening on Thursday night.

In a show of solidarity with the dolt who fronts for E-Street, Bruce Springsteen, the designer imposter band has canceled their appearance at the event.

The band announced the decision on Monday, after it said the planned appearance “generated a storm of national news, from New York to Los Angeles, particularly given Bruce Springsteen’s clearly articulated feelings about President-elect Trump.”

“Our decision is based SOLELY on the respect and gratitude we have for Bruce and the E Street Band,” founder Will Forte, said in a statement.

This is where I PLEAD with anyone who may be reading this to circulate this story to everyone you know.

Is there anyone, outside of their wives and girlfriends, who even knows who the B-Street Band are, or who care whether they play some Thursday night gig in Jersey, or not?

Well, apparently Rolling Stone magazine know who they are, or maybe they’re just looking to talk to anybody who drops from a Trump inauguration event.

Maybe somebody with Rolling Stone has a cousin in the band?

The group pointed out on its website that it was hired to play for the event in 2013, years before “anyone had a clue who would be inaugurated.”

“We’re a non-political band. … It’s not about the candidate or who was elected; it was about the office of the presidency. I was performing for that,” Forte told Rolling Stone.


Non-political, but the actual Bruce Springsteen is a big, ‘ol leftist bully, so maybe they want to remain as close to the behavior of their hero, as possible.

Who knows?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — a Springsteen fan who worked closely with the Trump campaign — and his wife, Mary Pat, are honorary co-chairmen of the $225-per-person event, the AP reported, though it’s unknown if they will attend.

I wouldn’t pay $225 to have the real Bruce Springsteen play on my back porch, and then to paint my house, afterwards.

I guess it’s a strategy.

Until today, I was had no idea these guys existed. So, if nothing else, there’s one more person who doesn’t care if they play a New Jersey inauguration event, or not.



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