House Democrats Tie FBI Director Comey to the Whipping Post Over Russian Hack

Oh, the desperate and lonely life of the post-election, post-Obama Democrats. To live in a prison of their own mind, rolling the events of the past two years over and over again in their tortured thoughts, wondering where everything went so horribly awry?


The facts are, Democrats believed this election was a lock.

When Barack Obama won in 2008, it was largely due to the soaring rhetoric, and the idea that he was “owed” the presidency, because of the nation’s past wrongs against minorities.

If that sounds harsh, I apologize, but the truth often is.

After a single term, Obama should have been gone. He was doing nothing to better us. His attitude towards the nation he was elected to serve was anything other than “hopeful,” and all the “change” he brought was bad.

But then something happened.

He won again.

That was all the Democrats needed to encourage them that policy didn’t matter. The strength of the candidate didn’t matter. All that mattered was identity politics.

Find a candidate who represented one of the professional victim classes and virtue signal until inauguration day.

Do you want to know why the DNC apparently worked to shut down Bernie Sanders, in favor of Hillary Clinton?

Old white guy versus woman.

Not only did Hillary already have the name, but she was a woman. She checked off at least one of the victim class boxes.

Unfortunately for Democrats, 8 years of being told how awful we are and having policies that were damaging to the nation crammed down our throats caused the most extreme backlash.

Their lock candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost.

She was rejected, and the conniving of the Democrats may have sped up the process.

When WikiLeaks released the hacked emails of DNC operatives, there was a revolt among the rank and file liberals, who preferred Bernie Sanders, but may have been persuaded to vote for Hillary in the general, had it not been uncovered that a plot to rid us of Sanders was underway.


Add that to the email scandal that dogged Hillary Clinton for the past year, and the only real surprise should have been that all the polls had her ahead.

When FBI Director James Comey reopened an investigation into Clinton’s emails shortly before the election and based on information discovered on disgraced perv (and former congressman) Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Democrats were outraged.

After Clinton lost the election, Comey became an easy target.

It wasn’t because Clinton was a horrible candidate. It was because Comey threw a monkey wrench into their campaign.

On Friday, Director Comey met with House Democrats, in order to give a confidential briefing on the initial hack of their emails.

They still hold ill will towards Comey, not learning their lesson, but blaming him for their loss, so to say it was a contentious meeting would probably be an understatement.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who was forced to resign last summer as head of the DNC amid the hacking scandal, told Comey that he should have come to her directly once the FBI was aware of the breach, just as he had done with other hacking victims.

“You let us down!” one Democrat yelled to Comey during the tense exchange, according to one attendee.

Let you down?

He doesn’t work for you, Sparky. His duty, ultimately, is to the American people – but do go on.

Another Democrat described the scene: “Essentially Debbie asked, how was it that the FBI knew that the DNC was being hacked and they didn’t tell her? He gave some bulls–t explanation, ‘That’s our standard, we called this one, we called that one’ — [she said] ‘Well, why didn’t you call me?’”


Comey, for his part, remained stoic, and informed her that he had followed proper procedure, in notifying the DNC of the security breach with their emails.

The briefers at Friday’s meeting included Comey; James Clapper, the director of national intelligence; CIA director John Brennan; and Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency.

“There are a lot of concerns about whether there was a double standard employed in openly and repeatedly discussing the Clinton investigation, and the unwillingness you saw during the Armed Services Committee hearing in the Senate, when Angus King asked whether the director was behind an investigation of Trump campaign ties, potentially, to the Kremlin,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told The Hill on Friday.

And I don’t believe anyone in the intelligence community is favoring Trump, especially not now.

At least we can see that whining and making much out of little is not a trait confined to the tweets of the president-elect.

Indeed, many Democrats left the briefing fuming that Comey ducked their questions about possible ties between Trump and Russia.

“I was nonjudgmental until the last 15 minutes. I no longer have that confidence in him,” Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.), ranking member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, said as he left the meeting.

I am absolutely sure they all went into that meeting with a complete, open mind.

Ok. That’s not exactly true.

I am absolutely sure they all went into that meeting looking for something to use, in order to blame Comey for the complete and total butt-kicking Democrats took on election night.


Because it’s never them.

Representatives like Alcee Hastings are calling for Comey’s dismissal, calling him “unfit.”

One interesting tidbit is that when the FBI first received notice of the security breach, they began calling the DNC, but a tech contractor with the office thought the caller identifying himself as an FBI agent was a prankster, so the DNC never received the messages, never called back.

Shawn Henry, a former head of the FBI’s cyber division wondered why an agent didn’t travel to the DNC office to deliver the information, personally.

We may never know.

What we can take an educated guess at, however, is that until Democrats learn their lesson, they’ll be looking for their next victim class politician to run in 2020.


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