Black Caucus Members Hold Special Event to Rehang Anti-Cop Painting in Capitol Complex

And this is why the Congressional Black Caucus are a den of low lives.

Not because they’re black, but because they’re disgusting, amoral, racist, disrespectful, unprincipled miscreants.


Hopefully, I didn’t leave anything out.

Last week, we told you about the disturbing, anti-police painting that was hanging in the Capitol complex in Washington, D.C.

The painting was from a high school student and depicted police officers as pigs, holding black citizens at gunpoint.

So disgusted (and rightfully so) was Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA.), that he took it upon himself to take the vile “art” down and had it delivered to Rep. William Clay’s (D-MO.) office.

Clay was responsible for that piece of degenerate vileness, as it came from his district.

Today, unfortunately, the Black Caucus will double down on their hate of police officers, and will hold a special ceremony to rub it in the faces of the law enforcement community, everywhere. They intend to rehang the offensive work, in defiance of decency.

A top aide to Clay told the Washington Examiner Clay also plans to file a “complaint” with the U.S. Capitol Police against Hunter for removing the painting. Last week, Hunter removed a painting by high school student David Pulphus that shows police depicted as pigs in a standoff with protesters.

The painting won Clay’s congressional art competition in May 2016, and is an ode to the protests in Ferguson, Mo., which falls in Clay’s district. Other works of art produced by students are also hung in the Cannon Office Building tunnel.


And who chose something this vile as the “winner”?

The fact that they feel they must hold a “special ceremony” to promote this disrespect and misrepresentation of the job our nation’s law enforcement do every day, often imperiling their own lives to protect others, shows just how out of touch these lawmakers are.

It also shows that they’re serving no real purpose in Congress, if this is what they choose to occupy their time with.



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