BREAKING: NC Superior Court Judge Blocks Law Limiting Incoming Gov Cooper's Powers

In a move that has come to be expected by liberal, activist judges, a North Carolina judge has blocked another law passed by the North Carolina legislature.

Weeks before the election, activist judges out of Virginia’s 4th Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out the Tar Heel state’s Voter ID law.


Today, in response to a lawsuit filed by Governor-elect Cooper, a Superior Court judge put a hold on the law that would limit the incoming governor’s power over county election boards.

Incoming Democratic Governor Roy Cooper sued Friday to block the law, which passed earlier this month, claiming the law passed by Republican legislators is unconstitutional as it violates separation of powers.

The judge plans to review the law next week, the report said.

The law is actually in line with what is in the state’s Constitution, but Democrats don’t really put a lot of consideration into constitutional laws, until it benefits them, in some way.

Stay tuned for this one.

I’m over the next four years, already.


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