Marco Rubio Issues a Powerful Response to John Kerry's Open Hate Speech Against Israel

Last week, President Obama assured that there would be no question about his anti-Semitic attitude, as he authorized our representative to the U.N. to sit back and allow a resolution to be passed that denied the statehood of Israel and endangered the Jewish people.

Forgive me this moment of flesh, but to every representative who voted for this vile resolution, to the U.S. representative who abstained, and Obama, each of you are the lowest form of Jew-hating (insert word that questions their parentage).

That goes double for John Kerry.

They know what this means to the nation of Israel. This open and unashamed anti-Semitism is the kind of thing that led us into a World War.

Those who forget the past…

Jay Caruso touched on Kerry’s disgusting speech today, where he proposed to Israel that their Jewishness is the problem, and they had to choose between being Jewish or being a Democratic nation.

This is naked, vile, hate speech, spoken by a United States Secretary of State.

It is speech that was sanctioned by a sitting U.S. president.

When the history of the Barack Obama presidency is written, those of us left who know the truth, I would pray we speak loudly and often, to let no one forget that the first biracial president was also a slimy anti-Semite, who, for all his accomplishments, will forever remain unfit to scrub the toilet in Benjamin Netanyahu’s bathroom.

Hopefully, I have made my mind on this very clear.

In the meantime, true patriots and friends of Israel within Congress are speaking out.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio released a powerful statement, in response to John Kerry’s hate speech.

Bravo, Senator Rubio.

How can we be a moral or just nation, if our leaders are so comfortable with turning their backs on our allies, while supporting hateful regimes, like Iran?

This country could do a lot with the $8 billion annual payment to support that den of thieves and scum, known as the United Nations.

It’s time we start taking care of our own best interests, and part of our best interests lie with keeping up positive ties with our ally, Israel.

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