Bloated Head of NC NAACP Calls for Economic Punishment of NC for Failure to Repeal HB2

I’ve been keeping you as up-to-date on the drama that is North Carolina politics as closely as I can. The gubernatorial race was only one chapter.

Further, is the battle of commonsense and decency against cultural Marxism and the Democrats who want to force little girls to get “comfortable” with seeing penises in their bathrooms (to quote a serious editorial from the Charlotte Observer).


That particular battle centers around a Charlotte city ordinance and the bathroom bill – HB2.

Things have been ugly, but necessary since the signing of the bill into law.

Democrats cite economic disaster (which hasn’t happened) and equal rights (every horny high school boy has the right to shower next to your daughter in the locker room and you’re a bigot if you say otherwise) as their reasons for fighting against HB2.

Republicans cite the right to privacy and safety in the most vulnerable of places – the bathroom – as reasons for standing by the law.

On Wednesday, state Senate Democrats and Republicans battled it out in an all-day special session, but failed to agree on a bill to repeal the law, and it will likely drag out for the next year.

This morning, fingers are pointing from both sides of the aisle, as each has their own version of why a deal couldn’t be reached.

In the thick of it all is that bellowing barrel of rotund pomposity, “Reverend” William Barber.

Barber, the head of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, and a bigger attention-hog than Al Sharpton in his heyday, intends to put the squeeze on the Old North State.

Speaking at a news conference Thursday, North Carolina NAACP President William Barber said the law also prevents local governments from addressing employment conditions for their citizens.

“Some people like to say this is Democrat versus Republican, but this is extremism,” he said. “This is a party that has been hijacked by extremists who are afraid they cannot win if things are fair.”


I absolutely agree with Barber’s assessment of the Democrat party.

He was talking about the Democrats, right?

Had to be.

Barber said NAACP lawyers are ready to challenge the General Assembly in court and he also called for a massive Moral Monday march in Raleigh February 11.

“We’re not supposed to pass unjust laws that hurt the poor, and hurt children, and hurt women. It’s wrong,” he said.

Of course not.

You’re supposed to call for economic boycotts that will make the poor poorer, and further harm women and their children.

And if exposing those same women and children to potential targeting by predators in public bathrooms is what it takes to attain Barber’s level of “morality,” then so be it, right?

Senate leader Phil Berger, a Republican, blamed Cooper and the Democratic-controlled Charlotte City Council for sinking the repeal effort.

Berger said Charlotte officials misled lawmakers into thinking they had fully repealed their ordinance Monday. The council met again Wednesday morning to scrap the rest of local law.

“I’m sorry folks, I don’t trust them, and our folks don’t trust them. There’s no reason to trust them,” Berger said after his chamber adjourned.

No. There is no reason to trust them.


And there’s no reason to trust any Democrat, nor the dogs they set loose to punish the state for not bowing to some ungodly, unnatural, ultimately dangerous fringe lifestyle, just to fit in with the ideology of west coast or northeastern liberals.

Barber, however, will continue to serve as a useful idiot, lying to the people about the true intent of the NAACP, of his (Im)Moral Monday protests, and of the boycott he proposes.

He would see North Carolina families suffer and put in harm’s way, all for political points and power.



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