WATCH: MSNBC Host Battles it Out With NC GOP Director Over Repeal of Bathroom Bill

The Democrats in North Carolina got what they wanted: HB2 – or the “bathroom bill” – will be fully repealed today, through a special session of the state’s General Assembly. It’s a consolation prize from exiting Governor Pat McCrory to Governor-elect Roy Cooper, who will be, essentially, a lame duck governor for as long as Republicans hold the majority in the state’s House and Senate. This is thanks to several Constitutional bills passed that limit the governor’s powers in several areas and returns the bulk of power back into the hands of the Council of State.


The Republicans in North Carolina got what they wanted (sort of). They may not have kept McCrory in Raleigh, but as far as bathrooms in the state go, the Charlotte City Council – disgusting liberal partisans – finally agreed to repeal the ordinance that made HB2 necessary, in the first place.

I talked about this Monday night. McCrory still holds the power, until January 1, 2017, but Cooper has tried to claim it as his own victory, as if he somehow forced the General Assembly into special session on the matter, weeks before he’s even in office.

You didn’t, Roy.

The news of the deal that was struck hasn’t stopped liberals from turning the knife, as they characterize the entire purpose of the bill completely wrong.

Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party appeared on MSNBC Monday afternoon to talk about the repeal deal with host, Ali Velshi.

Things became heated, as Velshi’s liberal insanity was unleashed.

Noting that a deal had been reached for the state legislature to repeal the law, Velshi began by dismissing objections to allowing mixed-gender restrooms and shower facilities as a “made-up fear”: “…you know there’s no real thing about this, right? There are no numbers that support the fact that people who claim to use somebody else’s bathroom because of their gender end up committing sexual assaults….it’s a made-up fear.”


No, it’s actually a lot of commonsense and respect for the privacy and safety of the majority of the state’s citizens, as opposed to making some social justice point for what amounts to fringe groups.

Woodhouse replied: “I would also say there was no issue in Charlotte about people going to the bathroom either.” Velshi ran to the defense of Democrats in the city who instigated the culture fight by passing their own bathroom ordinance: “Fair enough, but there’s – excluding people is different from including people, right? Charlotte was trying to say you should go to the bathroom that you are comfortable with and the Republicans in North Carolina are said ‘No, you shouldn’t.’”

Again, what about the comfort of everyone else?

If I’m in a bathroom and some dude with 5 o’clock shadow, wearing a skirt comes in, I promise  you, one of us is going to be in jail before the day is through.

The Republican pushed back: “Yeah, I mean, I think it’s important to remember that we have gone to public restrooms divided by little boys and little girls since we’ve had them and I think this is a massive social change that was unnecessary and it was forced upon the people of Charlotte…” Velshi immediately hurled comparisons to racism: “Dallas, that’s sort of weird logic because we used to actually have separate bathrooms or separate water facilities and buses and restaurant tables for black people and white people. And that was massive social change…”


Yes, because this is exactly the same thing.

Or not.

Liberals will never stop using black skin as a battering ram to push through their unpopular, potentially dangerous social experiments.

Newsflash: Having black citizens eat lunch at the same lunch counters never held the potential for danger. Allowing men to use the women’s facilities – a private, vulnerable place – actually does create an atmosphere for bad things to happen.

And if you ask black citizens if they’re comfortable with their little girls sharing school locker rooms with boys, I promise you, the majority of them will respond negatively.

Woodhouse denounced the ranting: “Sir, I think that’s ridiculous….That is a ridiculous comparison.” Velshi argued: “Why is it ridiculous? You said we’ve been going to bathrooms for little girls and little boys forever and that would be massive social change to change that. And I just gave you an example of massive social change.”

The GOP official declared: “I think comparing keeping little boys going to bathrooms and little girls in bathrooms away from grown men in shower facilities is not comparable to race and I find that to be offensive.”

Velshi continued scolding him: “Right, you understand that there are people in the ‘40s and ‘50s who would say that that’s not problematic. So what is obvious to you today was not obvious to a lot of Americans 50, 60, 70 years ago.” Woodhouse shot back: “Well, thank you for the lecture.”


Velshi is a symptom of the problem with liberals. Everything is relative, feelings are more important than concrete truths, and if you take a stand against the agenda of cultural Marxists, you are to be berated, demonized, and painted as a “bigot.”

And no matter what they say, McCrory and the Republican lawmakers of North Carolina were still in the right.


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