Still Campaigning: Trump Taking Cheap Shots at Election Rival, Evan McMullin, in Florida

He just can’t help himself.

President-elect Trump continued his ego-stroking tour in Orlando, Florida on Friday night, and the rhetoric was almost indistinguishable from the nonsense that made up the entirety of his campaign.

At some point in the evening, as Trump regaled the crowd with the war stories of his election win, his attentions turned to those who had challenged him, and his focus fell on independent conservative, Evan McMullin.

“In Utah, I had this character that nobody ever saw before, nobody ever heard of him before. I said to my wife,” Trump said as an attendee yelled ‘McMuffin,” a reference to a breakfast sandwich at fast food chain McDonalds. “That’s correct, that’s his name. He said ‘Evan McMuffin.’ Do you believe this? Or something like that. I never heard of this guy before. Nobody did.”

The play on McMullin’s name is a tired, juvenile joke, but it doesn’t take much to amuse Trump fans. The term “Evan McMuffin” trended on social media for a bit on Friday night.

As to nobody ever hearing of McMullin, somebody did. The ex-CIA operative launched a 3-month, long shot bid for the presidency with little backing, and no war chest to fight the big money of the two major party candidates.

In fact, he gained enough traction and generated enough of a buzz among those who could not get comfortable with either Trump or Clinton, that he surpassed some of the other third party candidates in polling, and even pulled up within striking distance of Trump in Utah’s state polls.

On election night, he actually placed third in Utah – far behind Trump, who took the state, but well ahead of Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.

Trump continued on.

“We didn’t just win it, we look floored it. And Evan, whoever this is, this person, remember he said ‘we think we can win the election.’ We said ‘but you’re only gonna win maybe Utah and you know what he would have done if he did. It didn’t turn out that way because we had plenty of votes, plenty of everything, but all he was,” Trump said, before someone yelled out “lightweight.”

“I don’t know if he’s a lightweight. We should never say that. Don’t ever call a person like that a lightweight,” Trump said. “Boy, what a group. Only in Florida can this stuff happen.”

McMullin has not let up on Trump and has kept a steady presence online, often questioning Trump’s cabinet picks, or giving warnings about policies that may threaten the nation’s stability, at home and abroad.

He’s not afraid to take on Trump on his terms, so several hours after the “McMuffin” comment leaked online, McMullin hit back with this tweet:

Just for the record, I’d rather sit down and have an egg McMuffin with Evan McMullin, than have a steak at Trump Grill with Trump or any of his brood.



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