DRAMA: NC Gov-Elect Cooper Threatens to Sue NC GOP

Did I say this was getting ugly?

It’s getting ugly.

Earlier today, I told you about the legislation being proposed by North Carolina’s GOP, which would limit the damage a Roy Cooper governorship could inflict on the state.


This afternoon, Cooper is threatening to sue.

“If I believe these measures are unconstitutional, they will see me in court and they don’t have a good track record there,” Cooper said at a news conference.

Well, that’s one way to get Cooper to go to court.

Where were you when the state needed you to do your job and stand up for North Carolina against federal overreach, Roy?

As per usual, however, it’s not to benefit the state. It’s for himself.

The very reason the state needs measures to buffer its well-being against this clown.

The legislation requires state Senate approval for his Cabinet picks, strips the new governor’s control over election boards and strips his ability to appoint University of North Carolina trustees.

Cooper said Thursday he would be willing to find a compromise if he saw the results as beneficial to North Carolinas — especially on issues of education.

“Most people think this is a partisan power grab,” Cooper said. “But this is really more ominous.”

North Carolina Democrats are possibly the biggest drama queens in the nation. They paint everything in terms of high drama and victimhood.


No, Roy. It’s politics. You’d know that if you’d climbed out from under your desk a time or two over the last 15 years.

State Senate President Phil Berger (R) has said he hopes to wrap up debate on the controversial legislation, and to end the special session, by the end of the week.

Any legislation proposed will be left to Governor McCrory to sign before leaving office.

Honestly, I hope he does, and then let Roy Cooper and the Democrats fight it out in court.

They have made the past four years hell for Pat McCrory and Republicans, in spite of their doing an amazing job of pulling the state out of debt and setting up an attractive and thriving business climate for the people of North Carolina.

They did so for purely partisan reasons, so no, I personally don’t feel Roy Cooper has earned a smooth start to what will likely be four years of bungling, on his part.


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