Citizens in Guatemala Are Including Trump in Their Annual Pre-Christmas Celebration

They really don’t like Donald Trump.

That being said, they’re going about this in the wrong way. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for their cause, nor do I approve of their ritual.


Cardboard figures of President-elect Donald Trump were set ablaze at the annual “Burning of the Devil” ceremony in Guatemala.

The centuries-old tradition, held every year ahead of Christmas, is supposed to rid homes and neighborhoods of bad spirits.

So some enterprising citizens of Guatemala mass produced cardboard figures of Trump, and those were added to the blaze, along with the traditional devil figures.

Said one participant:

“We’re against this person in many respects, regarding deportation, with the wall he wants to build,” Astrid Soto, a ceremony participant, told Reuters. “We do not agree.”

I have to point out several things.

First of all, if the tradition is for the purpose of ridding homes and neighborhoods of bad spirits, then why are you burning a Trump figure? He’s not in your neighborhoods or homes. Not to mention, while you’re doing that burning, there’d better be a lot of praying to get rid of those bad spirits.

Secondly, as much as I loathe Trump and feel he was the wrong messenger to make the point about illegal immigration, when foreigners are burning American citizens, and in the case of some of these figures, an American citizen holding an American flag, then they’re showing just the kind of hateful disrespect for this nation that has drawn some to Trump, in the first place.


It’s one thing when our own citizens burn the flag. It’s distasteful, disgusting, and wrong, but that’s infighting amongst family.

When outsiders do it in another country, then say they want in – they have apparently lost their minds.

So for the people of Guatemala, I would say that we’re stuck with Trump for the next four years. If you find him such a devil, I get it, but he’s the devil we have to deal with, so you stay on your side of the line, and we’ll stay on ours.


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