Gov Abbott Prepared to Ban Sanctuary Cities in Texas

This will definitely chafe the tender backsides of a few liberal invertebrates.

In an answer to some of the Democrat leaders around the nation who have declared that they won’t comply with any laws that curtail illegal immigration, and that they will continue to provide sanctuary cities for illegals, Texas Governor Greg Abbott did a very Texas thing.

Austin, Texas is, apparently, a sanctuary city, and its leadership are some of those who have stated that they intend to stay as such.

Governor Abbott was responding to a question on Twitter, in regards to if he intended to do anything about it.

This all goes back to President-elect Trump’s promise to defund sanctuary cities and send illegal immigrants home.

He has since pared back his statement to encompass just those who are gang members or who have criminal records.

Still, much of it falls back to state level government and their willingness to cooperate. Abbott stands in agreement with other governors who have also stated their intentions to ban sanctuary cities in their states.

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