This is the Best Unintentional Endorsement of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, Ever

Need further proof that Mitt Romney would be a stellar choice to lead the State Department in the Trump administration?

Behold… the frothing protestations of the Trump clingers.

This cult mentality that Trump has insulated himself with continues to seep out into the atmosphere and creates a noxious environment for the rest of the world.

One of the prime polluters is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Huck is in full outrage-mode because of the rumor that former Governor Mitt Romney is considered President-elect Trump’s top pick to be the new Secretary of State.

Let’s just put aside the obvious qualifications of the man.

Sure. Romney is diplomatic and a seasoned professional. He is well-versed in world affairs, and whether you agree with his more moderate approach to politics or not, he is a stand-up guy. It is highly unlikely there will be congressional hearings surrounding his email server, in the future.

We should discount all of that and focus on the very real problem with a Romney appointment:

He has yet to properly pledge fealty to the orange overlord.

On Fox News’ morning show, Huckabee expressed his concerns.

“Mitt did everything he could to derail Donald Trump,” Huckabee said. “He didn’t just go after him and say I disagree with his policy on immigration, I disagree with his policy on taxes. He attacked him on a personal level about his character, his integrity, his honor.”

He’s referring to a televised speech Romney gave in March, where he lambasted Trump, as unfit to lead.

And yes, Huck. Character in leadership actually does matter. Trump lacks it, at least the good kind of character, but here we are.

As of now, Huck, and the other Trump court jester, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, are urging the president-elect to choose someone less qualified for the job, but sufficiently loyal to the monarchy, Rudy Giuliani.

You know, because actual qualifications and strengths that would work to benefit the nation are so overrated. It’s all about butt-kissing and ego-stroking, now.

Huckabee said the only way Romney should be considered for a post in the Trump Cabinet is if he publicly apologizes for his speech in Utah. During that speech, Romney called Trump a “phony,” a “fraud” and a “conman.”

“When you do that, there’s only one way that Mitt Romney could even be considered for a post like that and that is he goes to a microphone in a very public place, and he repudiates everything he said in that famous Salt Lake City speech,” Huckabee said.


I’m not really sure what nation Huckabee thinks we’re living in, or what state of reality he’s wrestling with. He is completely unhinged, at this point.

“That’s just beyond the normal political in-fighting that we all experience,” Huckabee said. “Political in-fighting is just part of the game. But, when you go after someone who is the nominee of your party, who has been duly nominated by the voters, you’re savaging the voters. You’re not just savaging Donald Trump.”

“It would be a real insult to all those Donald Trump voters.”

No, Huck. It wouldn’t. It has nothing to do with the voters and everything to do with this man’s right to call attention to what he saw as a danger to our nation, waiting to happen.

At no time did Romney speak against the voters who supported Trump, and let’s be honest, those people don’t care who is in the Secretary of State job.

They don’t care about any cabinet position. They wanted Trump. They got Trump. That’s where their engagement begins and ends.

Now that we are stuck with this nightmare, all focus needs to be on stuffing the cabinet positions with as many highly qualified individuals, as possible, and not with looking over the enemies list. There should be no checking off who has come with hat in hand, in order to seek the forgiveness of the new master.

That’s not the nation we live in, and anyone suggesting that it is needs to be summarily purged from the national spotlight.

In other words: Go home, Huck. You’re drunk.

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