Joe Scarborough: Trump Can Benefit by Coming Into Office With Low Expectations

Well, yes and no.

MSNBC host, Joe Scarborough expressed some thoughts on the state of the nation, going forward into a Trump administration.

So his angle is, Trump can benefit by coming in with utterly basement-level expectations from the American public.


“Obama came in as black Jesus,” Scarborough, a former GOP congressman, said on “Morning Joe.”

“I don’t want to come in as redneck Jesus, if I’m a president of the United States. You want to come in like Ronald Reagan, where people underestimate you.”

Scarborough added that some in the media had “done Donald Trump a favor” by underscoring support for the president-elect from alt-right groups.

The pertinent point Scarborough makes is that, yes, Obama came into office as the “black Jesus,” and with great fanfare.

He was the first biracial president.

He spoke of healing the divide (He actually made it worse).

He was going to create a nation of prosperity (He’s broken our healthcare system and weakened our standing in the world).

I’ve seen more pictures of Obama in a glowing halo of light, arms outstretched, feigning the image of Jesus on the cross, than I would ever hope to see.


All this for a man who spent the first few weeks of his presidency on an apology tour around the globe, seeking forgiveness for the existence of the United States.

Obama is a failure on so many levels, but expectations were very high, and he missed them all.

To Scarborough’s point about Trump, however, it could go several ways.


If Trump does horribly, his supporters were warned.

Honestly, they’re the only ones holding him to very high expectations. Most of us understand how ridiculous some of his campaign promises were. We’re even starting to see the cracks in that particular façade, as he backs away from some of those promises, or at least, tweaks some of the details.

For the rest of us, we are in a win-win situation.

If Trump does better than we expect, we, along with the rest of the nation, benefit.

If he fails, we can say we told you so.

Personally, I suffer from no delusions that would lead me to believe Trump intends to keep any of his promises or that he even wants to do the job.

Let Trump insulate himself with enough good people. He’ll take credit for their successes, at least, in front of the cameras.

 A CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday found 53 percent of respondents said they believe Trump will do a very or fairly good job as president.

Fairly good.

I hope he does at least that well.




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