Hannity on Defense: His Questions to Trump WERE Tough

Sean Hannity apparently is really chaffed over being seen as a Trump toady.

He spent a year and a half tossing softball questions, interspersed with adoring looks, at Donald Trump, but he’s really uncomfortable when it’s pointed out.

In this case, he wasn’t even named, but the comments hit close enough home that his reaction was reflexive.

Earlier today, Fox News host Megyn Kelly appeared on MediaBuzz and made the claim that many pro-Trump hosts at various networks were “acting”when they posed tough questions to Donald Trump. While she wouldn’t name names, she said that she could confirm that numerous hosts would tell Trump beforehand that they would ask critical questions in an effort to gain some credibility.

Is there anybody who doubts that this was very much the case?

We have already heard that this was happening, on some level. For Hannity to feign outrage, at this point, is a bit silly.

But expected.

Hannity’s insecurity was acted out in a series of tweets.

He has previously been described by Kelly as a “safe space” for Trump. That was apparently a bridge too far.

What he fails to grasp, as he desperately reels off the list of hard-hitting inquiries he’s made of Lord Trump is that anything he has asked, Trump either evaded the question, or gave nonsensical answers, which he adoringly accepted as truth.

He also felt the need to point out that he’s never accepted any gifts as payment for his adoration of Trump. Something Kelly suggested was happening, although she never named any specifics. Hannity’s fealty comes freely. That part was probably more for Trump than the public.

Maybe he does grasp the impotence of his protests, but he’s hoping the public will overlook it, anyway.

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