Delete Your Account: Trump Tweets His Favoritism for Chuck Schumer Over Harry Reid

Trump loves Chuck.

That would be Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

In a now-deleted tweet, Trump said Sunday morning that he has a “good relationship” with Schumer, who he said is “much smarter than Harry R, and actually, far more cunning – gets things done!”


I can see why the “Republican” president-elect would want to quickly delete that particular tweet.

Chuck Schumer isn’t really a friend to Republicans or Conservatives.

In fact, he made it a point to stress that he’s no friend of Donald Trump’s.

Schumer told Politico this week that Trump, who is a fellow New Yorker, “was not my friend.”

“We never went golfing together, even had a meal together,” Schumer said. “He’s called me, we’ve had civil conversations a couple of times. But I’ve got to see what he does.”

That hasn’t stopped he, or a veritable who’s who list of Republican enemies from accepting Trump’s campaign contributions, but, hey… politics.

Either way, Trump thought better of classifying Schumer as “cunning” and rephrased his praise to sound a little less “admiring.”

I’m sure Schumer and the Democrats will be appreciative of Trump’s muted praise, and the next four years are going to be a harmonious display of peace in our time.



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