Another Fox News Personality May be Going to Work for Trump's Administration

We watched the entire Fox News staff, with very few exceptions, fall all over themselves to promote and exalt Donald Trump throughout the election season.

The network ceased being a news organization and became Trump’s campaign headquarters. Woe to any other candidate who agreed to appear or speak on the network. They would be unceremoniously skewered and raked over the coals.


It was nauseating.

Of the culprits, Sean Hannity is the most egregious, but following closely on his heels has been Eric Bolling.

Apparently, Trump’s plan to surround himself with sycophants means dipping into the Fox News pool.

Fox News host Eric Bolling has discussed the possibility of taking a position in Donald Trump’s administration, two sources with knowledge of the discussions tell POLITICO.

The position being discussed is in the Department of Commerce, though nothing has been offered yet.

Bolling, a co-host of “The Five” and an early Trump supporter, was spotted at Trump Tower in New York City on Wednesday by the press pool and may have visited again on Friday.

For the time being, he isn’t spilling any of those particular beans and declined to offer any confirmation when asked.

It’s not like brown nosing is his only qualification.

Bolling has a degree in economics from Rollins College in Florida, and completed a fellowship at Duke University in public policy. He’s a former commodities trader and served five years on the board of directors at the New York Mercantile Exchange. He was part of CNBC before joining Fox News 2008.


The frontrunner for Secretary of Commerce is Lew Eisenberg, the RNC national finance chair.

The interesting part is going to be seeing who will be left at Fox News, once Trump starts pulling everyone into his administration that he needs to stroke his massive ego.



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