Would Ted Cruz Consider an Appointment to the Supreme Court?

The rumors of a potential Attorney General Ted Cruz caused quite the buzz. Cruz was rumored to even have expressed interest in the spot.

Unfortunately, for those who saw this to be a rare comfort in these uncertain times, it was not to be. Trump’s team named Senator Jeff Sessions as the president-elect’s choice to fill the spot as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.


That doesn’t mean Cruz has retreated to his corner to lick his wounds.

The Hill reports today, Senator Cruz is ready to serve in any capacity he can, as SCOTUS beckons.

Asked Friday at a National Lawyers Convention event whether he’d accept a high court nomination, Cruz responded: “What I will say is that history is long and can take unexpected paths.”

“I think it is absolutely vital that that seat and every other seat that comes vacant on the court be filled principle constitutionalists who will be faithful to the law and will check their own policy preferences at the door,” he added.

Cruz, who lost to President-elect Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary, has been floated as a potential candidate to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

For the time being, Cruz is focused on his 2018 reelection bid to the senate, but he congratulated Sessions on landing the pick as AG.

“He is a committed and deeply principled conservative and if those who serve in this administration have even the fraction of his integrity and his commitment to principle, we are going to see an administration that does remarkable things for the people of this country,” he said.


So what do you think?

Supreme Court Justice Ted Cruz?

He would be a wonderful fit. Trump’s willingness to offer Cruz as an alternative may have to wait until he actually takes office in January, although his camp has said that he would stick closely to the list he already has on hand.


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