WATCH: Ted Cruz Slams the Hypocrisy of the Left

Senator Ted Cruz made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, to discuss the results of the election and the subsequent fallout by those entitled members of the left, shocked into a stupor over the results.


“We have seen hypocrisy on rank display from the left,” the former GOP presidential candidate said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” Thursday. “These are the idiots now protesting by laying down in front of cars and disrupting traffic.

“Right now the Democrats seem to be in this weird spiral of getting nuttier and nuttier,” he added. “I hope some saner heads prevail in the Democratic Party.”

Cruz added Trump’s victory last week shows voters definitively prefer him to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“All the polls, all the pundits, said Donald Trump couldn’t win,” he said. “The Clinton campaign had already popped the champagne bottles and they were already celebrating.

“The voters gave Trump a resounding win. The election was an incredible mandate. President-elect Trump campaigned on making America great again. I think that’s something voters desperately want to see.”

And Senator Cruz is right. These people wanted Trump to accept the results as long as they thought Hillary was going to win, but when she didn’t, their hypocrisy became unbridled.

Where are the leaders of the Democrat party to tell them to grow up and go home?


Rather than encourage sanity, they’re making safe spaces for them and offering them time to cry and wet their pants.

We’re over a week out from the election. We’re not going to get a do-over, and if we did, the results would likely be the same, so let’s reframe things.

In the battle to determine who could offer the most corrupt, disgusting, and unbearable candidate imaginable, the Democrats won, against incredibly stiff competition.

Now the runner-up has been relegated to the White House, and the winner gets to go down in history as the most distrusted, unlikable candidate in Democrat history.


Now go home and stop being idiots.


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