LAPD Top Cop Says His Department Will Not Abide by Trump's Immigration Laws

LAPD Top Cop Says His Department Will Not Abide by Trump's Immigration Laws

FILE - In this Jan. 4, 2016 photo, a U.S. Border Patrol agent drives near the U.S.-Mexico border fence in Santa Teresa, N.M. Can Donald Trump really make good on his promise to build a wall along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexican border to prevent illegal migration? What’s more, can he make Mexico pay for it? Sure, he can build it, but it’s not nearly as simple as he says. (AP Photo/Russell Contreras)

Well, here’s a prime example of a public official being a tool.

I get the total disgust at a President Trump. I do not get an officer of the law thumbing his nose at our laws.

The Los Angeles Police Department will not make any moves to enforce any immigration laws put forth by Trump, per the orders of their chief.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said Monday that his department will not change its immigration enforcement stance. Trump has promised to toughen federal immigration laws, as well as deport millions of illegal immigrants.

“I don’t intend on doing anything different,” Beck said, according to the LA Times. “We are not going to engage in law enforcement activities solely based on somebody’s immigration status. We are not going to work in conjunction with Homeland Security on deportation efforts. That is not our job, nor will I make it our job.”

Apparently, Los Angeles is a sanctuary city. Trump has said that he will end funding to those cities in America that refuse to enforce the laws of the nation’s immigration system.

 L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti took a similar stance at a Friday meeting of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, where he said the city would challenge Trump’s immigration policies.

“If the first day, as president, we see something that is hostile to our people, hostile to our city, bad for our economy, bad for our security, we will speak up, speak out, act up and act out,” Garcetti said.

I’m not even a Trump supporter and I find this reprehensible.

Do your jobs!

The laws in Los Angeles prevent officers from approaching someone just to inquire about their citizenship status.

“This is the same LAPD you had Monday, a week ago. We have not changed because of the election on Tuesday. We have the same principles. We have the same values,” Beck said. “This is not going to change the way that the Los Angeles Police Department enforces the law.”

Or rather, refuses to enforce it.

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