Laura Ingraham Being Considered For Prime Trump Regime Position

So it will be a circle of sycophants.

Of all those clingers and useful toadies that clamored to bask in the orange glow of Trumpism, Laura Ingraham was one of the most ardent and faithful.

Trump appreciated Ingraham’s loyalty through the campaign. A former white-collar defense attorney and Supreme Court law clerk, Ingraham helped Trump with debate preparation. She also campaigned on his behalf and offered occasional strategic advice.

With the possible exceptions of Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Breitbart, no media figure or outlet did more to promote Trump’s candidacy than Ingraham.

Ingraham used her nationally syndicated radio program, as well as appearances on Fox News to promote the message of Trump.

She was only slightly less solicitous than Sean Hannity.

The president-elect and his inner circle hold Ingraham in the highest esteem. They view her as tough, admire her rhetorical skills, and believe she’d powerfully convey Trump’s anti-establishment message.

Selecting Ingraham would send a signal that Trump has no interest in softening his relationships with the Republican leaders in Washington, D.C.

In other words, Trump continues to use divisive people to battle his own (presumed) party.

Besides Ingraham, reports are that both RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Breitbart’s Steven Bannon are up for the slot as Chief of Staff.

While Priebus would seem a more natural choice, many of Trump’s circle are warning against it, as they see Priebus a part of that “swamp” Trump has promised to drain – the Republican establishment.

Bannon, by contrast, is a bomb thrower. As chairman of Breitbart News he built a home for the populist nationalist philosophy that underpinned Trump’s presidential campaign.

If Trump picks Bannon it would raise a middle finger to Republican leadership in D.C. Bannon views House Speaker Paul Ryan as a “globalist” enemy and has given Breitbart reporters direct orders to destroy Ryan.

And we can look at whatever time Trump has in office as a period of absolute turmoil.

While Trump carries out his vendetta against Republicans, even as he serves as a Republican president, Democrats are likely to be left puzzled and befuddled, finding that the fight they’d geared up for will not be forthcoming.

The one they feared will be their biggest ally in defeating conservatism.

And Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and the hapless crotch sniffers that enabled him can say they own it.

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