Pence Won't Say Paul Ryan Should be Re-elected as House Speaker

Mike Pence is getting cozy with being a part of the Trump train, and has apparently been schooled on when and how to speak out, and who to throw under the bus.

In this case, it looks like House Speaker Paul Ryan is persona non grata with Trump and Pence.


Donald Trump’s running mate declined to say in an interview published Thursday whether GOP lawmakers should re-elect Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for another term as House speaker on Nov. 15.

Despite saying his respect for Ryan is “boundless,” Mike Pence thrice told National Review, “I’m not a member of the House Republican conference anymore [and] I wouldn’t presume upon what the members of the conference choose.”

That’s what’s known as a cop-out. It’s almost as weak as his endorsement during the primaries.

Pence has parted ways with Trump on different issues, but with polls tightening and election day looming, the Indiana governor may have been cautioned about having a divergent opinion.

It’s not as if Pence doesn’t know Ryan. They worked together in Congress before Pence became Indiana’s governor in 2012.

It’s not as if Ryan has opposed Trump’s candidacy. He hasn’t.


He’s spoken up when Trump has gotten out of control, but he’s never withdrawn his support.

However, Pence was reportedly frustrated last month when Ryan announced he would no longer be campaigning for Trump and advised House Republicans to do what they needed to do to win their races, even if it meant withdrawing their support for their party’s nominee.

There will be no dissent or exertion of principle.

House Republicans will vote on internal leadership on November 15. How the vote goes for Trump and Pence on the 8th may determine how the House views Paul Ryan’s leadership.


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