Senator Tom Cotton Suggests Americans Prepare for the Clinton Corruption to Come

Tom Cotton, the Arkansas senator, and rumored 2020 presidential hopeful seems to be sharpening his attack a bit ahead of schedule.

Senator Cotton appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program and was asked to comment on the reopening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and also, the FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation.


He didn’t hold much back. In fact, he suspects collusion from insiders.

“I suspect that was a very high-ranking Department of Justice political appointee who was carrying water for the Clinton machine and wanted to shut down an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which increasingly looks like one of the largest money laundering and influence peddling operations in the world,” Cotton said.

You mean carried water straight to the tarmac?

Cotton, a former Army captain, pressed on, and spoke bluntly about what Americans can expect from another Clinton White House.

“There’s no telling the kind of corruption that you might see out of the Clinton White House. They did it in the State Department. Of course, they’re going to do it in the White House,” he said.

I don’t think any of us are prepared for that Clinton White House corruption, but we expect it.


Meanwhile, Clinton and the Democrats are circling the wagons, crying “Foul!” over the FBI’s decision to reexamine Clinton’s emails, in light of new discovery.

“This is not an FBI or a Director Comey problem,” he said. “This is a Hillary Clinton problem, and this is why so many Americans view her as untrustworthy and dishonest.”

It’s just one more piece added to an already twisted, ugly, corrupt Clinton puzzle.



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