With the Window Closing, Hannity Lashes Out at Never Trump and Evan McMullin

Every time Sensei Hannity goes on a stampy-footed rager, an angel gets its wings.

With election day now less than two weeks away and Trump taking time off to attend to his main concern – his hotels – his favorite gimp is straining against the ball gag.


In his impotent rage, Hannity lashed out at the Never Trump crowd, as if somehow, his being a jackass will suddenly endear his gilded master to them.

Sean Hannity has become a punch line to a long, national joke. Other than Trump himself, who recognizes a useful idiot when he has one on a short leash, nobody takes Hannity seriously.

“All this garbage from you Never Trumper jerks out there,” Hannity shouted. “I’ve had it. By the way, that’s more unfinished business. November 9th, I have a lot to say about all of you.”

Yeah. We don’t care. It’s just going to be more pointing and laughing at you, actually.

I suspect there are pools running in newsrooms and blogger groups nationwide, all placing their bets on how soon the total, emotional meltdown of Sean Hannity will be.

At one point, Hannity apparently had the dump button hit on him after he said Donald Trump isn’t “freaking perfect.” Following up the delay, he yelled, “I’m pissed!”

Yeah. Still don’t care.

Hannity has gone so far around the bend, that he’s taken to bragging about his martial arts prowess on the air, suggesting that he will turn into a roving ninja warrior, albeit, one with a brown belt, if his liege doesn’t win.

His ridiculous tirade didn’t stop there. He’s apparently seen the polls out of Utah, that have Independent conservative, Evan McMullin ahead of both Trump and Hillary. The idea that someone would step forward and challenge what he feels is owed to Trump is almost too much for him to bear.


“Who’s this idiot that’s running third party that’s killing Trump out in Utah,” the Fox News star exclaimed. “Who put him up? What was it? The Bush people? The Romney people?”

“What a disaster that would be for the country,” Hannity said in regards to McMullin possibly getting Hillary Clinton elected.

Or McMullin could possibly block either from reaching 270 electoral votes, forcing it to the House.

If Hannity were capable of rational thought and fair analysis of the situation, he’d see that there’s a reason for McMullin’s rise. Not everyone is as enamored of Trump’s wealth and celebrity status as he is, and it is our right to support anyone we want, regardless of what he thinks.

November 9 is going to be interesting, no matter who wins.



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