Radio Host and Trumper Shows Breathtaking Disrespect For Our Election Process

There are so many truly stupid people oozing out of the woodwork during this election cycle.

The perplexing part is that many are people that once held positions of influence, or were considered to be respectable, at least.

Strange, strange days, indeed.

Joe Walsh, one-term Illinois congressman and current radio talking head served up a steaming pile of stupid on Twitter, today, giving a fine example of just how bad things have gotten.

Ok. To be fair, nobody uses muskets, anymore (Do they?). The tweet was meant to be dramatic symbolism.

CNN anchor, Jake Tapper was quick to call Walsh to clarify, and he did.

The problem with that is that he’s asking for civil disobedience to protest the results of a free and fair election, simply because he doesn’t like the outcome. He’s advocating an overthrow of our system.

I’m all for the right to peaceably assemble, but this lunatic is conjuring up visions of armed conflict and national unrest, for what?

Donald Trump.

The time for this kind of civil disobedience should have been after the primaries, when an unqualified Democrat was allowed to become the GOP nominee.


I expect this kind of idiocy from the liberals. Those right-of-center were supposed to have more respect for our republic.

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