(VIDEO) Glenn Beck Explains What He Sees in Donald Trump (And I Agree)

I agree with him.

Donald Trump is so void of anything resembling true, human compassion, calling him a “sociopath” is likely pretty much on target.

Glenn Beck, appearing on the Charlie Rose Show, echoed the sentiments of many, who have watched Trump’s rise, appalled that so many of our friends, family, and neighbors would consider putting such a dangerously unhinged man in the highest office of this land.

His narcissism, grandiose self-assessment, lack of empathy, and superficial charm make him a dangerous man.

Is he smart?

He’s likely smarter than he lets on, but everything is for the purpose of manipulation.

To be clear, some have suggested that sociopaths in the business world can be a good thing, and they tend to be quite successful.

In the political realm, however, it is how despots are born.

Said Beck:

“Have you seen him during the last year and a half truly feel for someone that couldn’t help him? Truly connect on a human level, and say, ‘This has made me stop; this has made me think. … I am deeply sorry for what I have said?’ ” Beck said on PBS’s “Charlie Rose” show.

“A sociopath is somebody who doesn’t really see the human experience in anyone else, and I haven’t seen that in him. I haven’t seen him deeply affected by the human condition in an individual,” he continued.

That would be Trump.

You can watch the interview here. Beck accurately describes what the public should have been watching for during the primaries and rejecting, in droves.

Sadly, they didn’t.

As a matter of fact, our own Ben Howe is working on a documentary about Trump, as a matter of fact, that’s called, appropriately, “The Sociopath.”
You can see the trailer for his project here (and it’s a doozy):

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