Hillary Clinton Sets Up Her Vagina Defense For the Next Four Years

I distinctly remember watching nominee Barack Obama speak before besting John McCain in the 2008 elections, before an adoring crowd, and he made what would be his go-to defense for the entirety of his political life.


To paraphrase:

“Some will look at me and say I don’t look like other candidates. Some will say my name is different.

Let’s not lose the implication here. We’re all racists, obviously, and if any objection to Barack Obama was ever voiced, from that moment forward, it had nothing to do with his foul and destructive policies. It was racism and unbridled xenophobia.

That bit of identity politics acted simultaneously as a shield and a battering ram, to allow a Marxist devotee to not only win the White House, but to cram through some of the most divisive and damaging policies modern America has ever dealt with.

Barack Obama is a lazy, arrogant, attack on the nation, and we have suffered for it.

Now, enter the next phase of identity politics over sound governance.

Hillary Clinton on Friday said her presidency will be more difficult both because of her role as the first woman to hold the office and because of the viciousness of her race with Donald Trump.

“I know this is the hardest job in the world,” Clinton told Anjali “Queen B” of WBTP 95.7 FM The Beat in Tampa. “I think being the first woman to do this job will require even greater effort on my part because I want to be the president for everybody.”

“I really regret how divisive this campaign has been,” she added, hitting Republican nominee Donald Trump for “hurtful” rhetoric. “I’ve got to figure out how we heal these divides.”


No, it won’t be difficult because you’ll be the first woman president. It’ll be difficult because everything and every position you’ve ever held was because you used your husband’s name and road his coattails. You’ve never accomplished anything on your own merits, and as you proved in your stint as Secretary of State, once in a position, you are equal parts incompetent and corrupt.

This isn’t a knock on your gender. This is a total indictment against your lack of moral character.

A Hillary Clinton presidency will be so rife with scandal and outrage, no woman will ever be able to run for any sort of high office again, without being immediately labeled “unfit.”

Clinton is counting on her vagina to give her the same immunity as Obama’s skin color, in a nation that has become hyper-sensitive to offending anyone, for any given reason.

What a blow to women’s equality to have a woman president who has no accomplishments to truly call her own.

Clinton also used the interview to call on African-American listeners to vote, touting her work with President Barack Obama and praising the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I think they’ve played a very constructive role in helping us all to face up to the work that we need to do to confront systemic racism in America,” she said.

Oh, look, everybody! It’s a pander bear!

This statement was pretty much the equivalent of saying, “Some of my best friends are black.”


This is the identity politics that have put a boot across the throat of our nation, forcing us to endure years of bad policy, slow economic growth, and a deadening of social mores.

Sadly, it looks as if Clinton and the Democrats will have four more years to wreak havoc on the nation. Republicans failed to offer any better option to counter this threat, so here we are.

If there be any hope in all this, we can cling to the anticipation of vagina politics failing to protect Clinton and that she be swiftly removed from her position and rushed off to federal prison.

We can pray that after a decade of Democrats holding the nation hostage, the coming revolt will be so strong, that it ushers in a new era of principled conservatism that would make Goldwater, Reagan, and Buckley beam with pride.

We can pray for these things, but let’s also work to make sure that we never make the same, grave mistakes that were made this cycle.

We could have done so much better.



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