I Am About to Defend Donald Trump

Call it the law of averages.

With so many coming out of the woodwork, piling on, it was bound to happen, where there would be that one… that solitary one that I could not get past, nor could I hold it against the most loathsome man to ever run for office.


I’m fighting back that sharp, stinging bile taste at the back of my throat. Believe me.

Having the fame-hungry joke of an attorney, Gloria Allred involved doesn’t help.

As I told you about earlier today, an 11th accuser was stepping forward with new allegations of sexual misconduct by Trump.

My first thought was that this was going to be a story like all the others: Some reporter, small businesswoman, model or random acquaintance would say that she’d found herself cornered and touched against her will.

How dare he.

That wasn’t the story of his most recent accuser.

According to the Washington Examiner:

On Saturday, LA attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference with a porn star who said that GOP nominee Donald Trump had offered her $10,000 and a plane ride for sex.

“Women will not be intimidated into silence by Donald Trump,” Allred, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, promised. She could marshal “an army of lawyers” to support them and Trump will “have to prove that their allegations are not true” and open himself up to counter suits in the process.

A porn star.

Ok. You know, even porn stars can be mistreated. I’m not going to immediately say that just because something went so horribly wrong in this woman’s life that she decided to make a living by having sex on camera, for the enjoyment of scumbags just like Trump, that she gives up the right to not be mauled off camera.


So here is her story:

Drake told the story of her meeting with Trump at a golf course in Lake Tahoe, about a decade ago. She was doing some work for Wicked pictures at the time and Trump met and took an interest in her.

Trump invited her to take a walk with him on the golf course, which she did, and asked for her number, which she gave him. Allred passed out a picture that the two of them posed for at the golf course.

She gave him her number. Still not awful, right?

That night, Drake alleges that she got a call from Trump inviting her to his room. She was not comfortable going alone and so invited two female friends along, possibly colleagues.

Ok. She and two other porn stars go to his room, because he asked.

When they came to Trump’s room, Drake says that he hugged and kissed all three of them individually “without asking permission,” talked with them for a while, and let them leave.

No safety in numbers? They stayed and talked for a while. The part about “letting” them leave, seems a stretch, at this point. There were three of them. She didn’t say anything about the door being blocked or a weapon.

I’m starting to feel weird about this story.

Later, Drake said that she got a call from someone speaking on Trump’s behalf and then Trump himself trying to get her back into his room. She told the agent she couldn’t as she had to return to LA for work.

At that point, Trump allegedly called himself and cut to the chase. “What do you want? How much?” Trump asked. He offered her $10,000 and a trip back to LA on his private jet if she accepted the offer, which she declined.


She gets paid to have sex for the cameras. He was asking her to get paid – possibly a lot more than she was making in those cheap films – to do it in private. Not cool, but…

“This is not acceptable behavior for anyone, much less a presidential candidate,” Drake told assembled reporters. She said that she is “not looking for monetary compensation” but rather to “stand in solidarity” with other Trump accusers.

We already know Trump is a pig. Nothing about that is a shock.

I am void of any outrage over this story.

Instead, I’m left with this sick, disgusted feeling, that there are actual victims out there, but because of an overzealous celebrity attorney and the circus caused by the timing of their sudden reveals, this ridiculous woman has seen an opportunity to grab her own moment in the spotlight, so she took advantage of it.

This was her chance to be seen by millions, with her clothes on, for a change. It’s better to be filmed by news crews, flanked by a well-coifed attorney in a power suit than it is to be seen in some seedy, back-alley peep show venue, by dirty guys in stained sweatpants, smelling of stale beer, I guess.

Am I being unfair?


I honestly don’t think so.

There is a lot to nail Donald Trump on. He’s a disgusting human being.

This is not one of those times, and a pox on her house, and the house of Gloria Allred for forcing me to defend Donald J. Trump.



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