NOT SERIOUS: Donald Trump Fiddles, While the Nation Burns

As Caleb pointed out in an earlier column, GOP nominee (and perennial diaper baby), Donald Trump, refuses to do the honorable thing and say he will respect the will of the American people on November 9, if the will of the people deems Hillary Clinton the winner.

Caleb also rightly pointed out that respecting “the will of the people” was really high on the priority scale for Trump and his supporters after the primaries. Now, however…

Hypocrisy, thy name is Trump.

Trump caught heat from both sides of the aisle for refusing to say he would accept the results of the election if he didn’t win. It was one of several low points in the night for him.

Speaking at a rally in Ohio today, he turned what is a substantial issue into a joke (kind of the same way he’s done this entire election cycle). He announced to his glassy-eyed fans that he would accept the results of the election – IF he won.

At first blush, this is typical, spoiled, entitled Trump. It would be easy to write off as another drift from script.

However, his campaign sent out his scripted speech to the media, as prepared, and the idiocy of his words were included.

What’s more, an alternate line was included, although, it’s not clear if its inclusion in the script for the media was in error or not.

It’s a cute quip, but one that has no place in the serious business of the presidency.

Donald Trump has spent so much time building up his enemies list, as well as firing up his base to believe that he, and by extension, they are being targeted by shadow-y forces within our government, that his little “joke” could have disastrous consequences if this election does not go their way.

We’re a nation already strained at the seams. This is the last thing we need, right now.

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