NC Senator Speaks Out About Democrat Hate Brewing in the Tarheel State

Bob Rucho is a Republican member of the North Carolina General Assembly.

On Tuesday, Senator Rucho penned his thoughts regarding the firebombing of an Orange County, North Carolina Republican headquarters.


Over the past three and a half years, Cooper, Clinton and the North Carolina Democrat Party stood by silently — and in some cases even joined in and encouraged the chorus of hateful rhetoric from the progressive left directed at Republicans. A few examples are included below.

Now that a violent firebombing attack on a local GOP headquarters brandished by the words ‘Nazi Republicans Leave Town or Else,” it begs the question: why did they tolerate hate speech towards North Carolina Republicans for so long?

It’s a good question, actually.

Some of the dirtiest, most unfair, hate-filled rhetoric imaginable has emanated from the “tolerant left,” since Pat McCrory took over as governor in 2013.


For 20 years previous, the state labored under Democrat rule and the misguided notion that when a state is destitute, raise taxes and it will somehow get better.

McCrory steps in, cuts taxes, cuts entitlements, allows businesses to make a profit and workers to take home more of what they earn and suddenly… things are better.

There’s something about doing well that enrages the left.

However, much of it can be attributed to the social issues that McCrory has likewise been stoic in defending.

His medical restrictions on abortions sent the vagina crew into a maniacal frenzy.



His voter ID law was somehow seen as “restrictive,” even by people who had ID, but by virtue of their party affiliation, they were apparently required to scream “BIAS!”

And when he refused to give in to the Thought Police and deem gender as fluid, you would have thought the man was the appearance of the anti-Christ.

Rucho, in his piece, goes on to note those liberal voices that have ratcheted up the vile rhetoric, all because of politics.

…Liberal protesters connected to Moral Mondays decried N.C. Republicans as hateful bigots.

…The head of the N.C. NAACP called North Carolina Republicans racists and suggested they’re guilty of serial murder.

…And he claims Republican lawmakers are responsible for “most of the threats in this country” and “dangerous for the future.”

That would be the “reverend” William Barber III, who is pretty much the poor man’s Al Sharpton.

…Governor McCrory derided as ‘George Wallace,’ hateful and bigoted.

George Wallace was a Democrat. I just have to point that out, not that it matters to liberals.

…Hillary Clinton’s supporters and Democrat Party staffers have described Republicans as Nazis.

…Hillary Clinton has joined in supporting Moral Mondays, and suggested Republicans are racist and deplorable.

…Roy Cooper said he was ‘encouraged’ by Moral Mondays, says Republicans including Governor McCrory are extremists.

…The New York Times called N.C. Republicans ‘pioneers in bigotry.’

…McClatchy newspapers have compared Governor McCrory to “Wallace, Faubus, Barnett.”

…The North Carolina Democratic Party Chairwoman helped organize ‘Moral Monday’ protests against Republicans.


Meanwhile, there is nothing “moral” about these protests. They are meant to keep tensions heightened and create an atmosphere of outrage and anger.

Senator Rucho is correct. The firebombing of the Republican headquarters is just an extension of the hateful rhetoric pushed in the state by Democrats, who are objecting to losing their hold on the state after 20 years, and seeing it progress and thrive without them.

Let’s just hope what they’ve been pushing isn’t enough to convince voters that it’s time to go back to their failed concept of governing.



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