Mike Pence Is Going to Stand By His Man

Mike Pence Is Going to Stand By His Man
Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence, R-Ind., addresses supporters during a campaign event in Novi, Mich., Thursday, July 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

What a trooper.

In the days following the latest emergence of women, claiming that Trump had forced himself on them, either by kissing or touching them inappropriately, Pence expressed outrage that the media finds these stories more sensational than the newly released pile of hacked emails from the Clinton camp.

Been in politics long, Mr. Pence?

In those emails, everything from discussions of the cozy relationship between Clinton and Department of Justice head, Loretta Lynch, to a Democrat plot to cause a revolution in the Catholic church, hoping to turn the church away from its traditional views has been revealed.

Under normal circumstances, those would be enough to draw at least some interest, and heated discussion.

This, however, is an election year, and given dueling scandals, unless the Democrat is found to have murdered someone, a left-biased media is always going to shine a brighter spotlight on the Republican candidate.

Or in this case, the pseudo-Republican candidate.

“We’re not going to allow the Clinton campaign and the national media to turn this campaign into a discussion of slander and lies,” Pence said at a GOP dinner in Orefield, Pennsylvania. “We are going to fight for the American people and focus this campaign on the issues that matter most.”

If only Trump were capable of that, or of being the person with the ability to address any of the issues that matter most.

Pence was speaking publicly for the first time since the initial release of the vulgar 2005 hot mic audio. He had previously condemned the remarks and there were murmurings that the RNC were investigating how to make him the nominee. Other rumors were that he was about to leave the campaign, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. He seems intent on riding this one straight to perdition.

“As a believer, we’re called to aspire to live godly lives, but also we recognize that we all fall short,” Pence said Wednesday at Liberty University, an evangelical college. “It’s not about condoning what is said and done, it’s about believing in grace and forgiveness.”

He is absolutely correct, but if there is no change, nor any sign of a contrite heart, we’re also called to have no association with such people.

Interestingly, on the day Pence was put before the students of Liberty University to deliver this message, a group calling themselves Liberty United Against Trump released a powerful letter, repudiating Donald Trump, as well as expressing shame over the connection between the school and Trump, due to their president, Jerry Falwell Jr’s unwavering endorsement of him.

There may be absolutely nothing to these new allegations against Trump, but either way, those who have decided to stick by him, no matter what, will have much to answer for, should they decide to carry on with any sort of political future.

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