Glenn Beck Turns Disappointment Into a Third Party Vote

Glenn Beck introduces Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, during a campaign event at the Johnson County Fairgrounds, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 in Iowa City, Iowa. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

This election has tossed, turned, and twisted the base of conservatism in so many ways.

It has revealed the ugliest elements of humanity, as well as the cowardice of many who had been previously considered strong voices for the cause of conservatism, as they abandon principle for party loyalty.


In fairness, there are those who support Donald Trump, the absolute opposite of what a moral, competent, conservative candidate should look like, because they feel he’s in the best position to defeat the Democrats, and that, with the right people around him, he would be, at the very least, controllable.

This, however, is a fool’s errand. The party is painted by the association. The desperate defenses of those things Trump has said that are indefensible does not help the party, or conservatism, which is, ultimately, where the focus should be.

One of those very public voices opposing Trump early and often has been radio host, Glenn Beck.

Beck endorsed Senator Ted Cruz during the primaries, and fought very hard against the cancer of Trumpism, both on the trail with Cruz, and on his radio broadcast.

After Cruz gave his endorsement to Trump, it broke Beck.

He called the move “profoundly sad” and blamed himself for believing men (in this current political climate, I’m sure) could be George Washington.

He’s right, in that we can no longer view politicians, themselves, as more than men doing a job.

And men are corruptible. Some of the idol worship that has emerged this season has to end.

In an interview with Vice News, Beck admitted that his revulsion to Trump put him in strange territory.

“I will tell you,” Beck admitted, “that it has crossed my mind … to vote for Hillary.”

The well-known media personality said the thought of voting for Clinton is one he has considered only because Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “is so unstable, so dangerous.” However, Beck ultimately said he can’t pull the lever for Clinton, either.


He’s not the first from conservative circles who has said they would vote for Hillary, or at least who have considered it, given that Donald Trump is such a vile, insane alternative.

So who is Beck voting for in November? Darrell Castle, an attorney from Memphis, Tennessee, and the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee.

Beck interviewed Castle several months ago on his radio broadcast, as he has attempted to highlight all of the alternatives to the two disastrous choices in the “Big two” parties.

How much influence Beck has in this matter, or if he will actively push for a break from the Democrat/GOP stranglehold that has plagued this nation for decades remains to be seen.

The fear of “But they can’t win!” has rendered many voters impotent, when it comes to inciting a new revolution.

Still, if more of the better known voices in media and politics would speak up, who knows where that spark may ignite?



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