Emerging as the Better Man, VP Pick Mike Pence Finds Himself on the Cusp of Conspiracy Theories

After having the night to absorb and consider last night’s VP debate between Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence, how do we all feel?

I can say this: If Pence were at the top of the ticket, I’d be writing very different columns for RedState.


Is he the perfect candidate? Not at all, and had he been in the field of 17 candidates that we started with, he wouldn’t have been my first, second, or even third choice. He is, however, a sane, sound, rational communicator, with executive experience on the state level. I’ve always maintained a governor makes a better candidate for the presidency, for that reason.

So am I ready to board the Trump train?

Considering the other passengers, and the fact that Pence is not at the top of the ticket, the answer is still #NeverTrump.

Today was one of those days where getting up the morning after a debate and skimming through Twitter is the best part about this job.

Pence did well, last night. Unfortunately, his job as VP nominee was to defend the top of the ticket, and the whole of Trump as a candidate is indefensible. Kaine hit him with some hard facts. Pence did his best to counter.

Pence’s real saving grace was the fact that Hillary is no better than Trump, as a candidate. That, and the fact that Kaine interrupted over 70 times. He was as unlikeable, if not more so, than Clinton. Pence came out looking like the bigger man, and of all four candidates, the better man.

Now begins the real fun. Not only did Pence outclass Kaine, but he drastically outperformed Trump, and that may be a problem.


Trump has an ego. He also has a fragile grip on that ego, requiring worshipful adoration, at all times. There’s no doubt in my mind that he chose Pence as VP because Pence is Mr. Vanilla. He didn’t see Pence as someone who would steal the spotlight, but last night, that’s exactly what happened.

Where Trump has distressed the party, this morning, many of those who saw the GOP’s chances for a November win fading away have a renewed sense of hope. They’re not looking to Trump, however. They’re looking at Pence as the adult on the ticket.

For those who are so deeply invested in the cult of Trump, that’s apparently a problem.

That’s right. Conspiracy theories have begun.


Pence didn’t defend Trump enough! Pence did well, in order to show Trump up! The Koch brothers have propped Pence up, so that if something happens to Trump, they can slide Pence into the presidency!

Pence is now being looked at suspiciously because he didn’t fail last night.

It remains to be seen if Pence’s performance will lift Trump’s sagging poll numbers. Smart money says that Trump will do something within the next 48 hours to undercut any recovered ground Pence may have gained for them.

In the meantime, don’t be surprised if you see the Trump faithful working overtime to discredit Mike Pence, thereby cutting their own noses off to spite their faces.


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