Two Colleges Emerge as Bastions of Sanity in NCAA Boycott of North Carolina

Sanity in the world of college sports is not all lost, it appears.

For those who have been keeping up, the NCAA has decided that it isn’t the sporting part of their organization that matters, but rather, it’s the political leverage to force compliance to far left ideological standards on others that is their purpose.


In keeping with that very twisted, totalitarian concept, the NCAA has boycotted North Carolina over the bathroom law, which would prevent male athletes and female athletes from sharing the same shower room.

To North Carolina, it’s a matter of comfort, safety, and privacy for your sons and daughters.

To Democrats and the NCAA, it’s a matter of cultural Marxism, that proposes that gender is fluid, and can be interchangeable, based on whim, rather than the oppressive bonds of outdated concepts, such as biology.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is a smaller student athlete organization, but they just announced that they would fall in line with the NCAA and boycott North Carolina over the bathroom law.

The NAIA have opted to relocate their 2016 Cross Country National Championship from Charlotte, North Carolina, because… what if their female runners don’t want to shower with the male runners? They shouldn’t have that option.

Ok. That’s not their stated reason, but it’s the same thing. No word yet on if the city they are relocating the championship to has gender neutral shower rooms. If it doesn’t, then we can assume the move is strictly political and they are all hypocrites.

That being said, two schools – Oklahoma Wesleyan University and College of the Ozarks – have emerged as voices of sanity and principle in all of this.


They have refused to be part of the boycott and have withdrew their teams from the competition.

“It’s not the business of the NAIA to tell the citizens of North Carolina how to regulate their bathrooms, nor should athletes be political pawns,” College of the Ozarks President Jerry Davis declared in a statement. “This is another example of political correctness gone berserk and is a big mistake.”

WAIT. You mean a college sports organization could actually just participate in the sports and not force their liberal politics on others, using their athletes as weapons?

The NAIA described the decision as being motivated by a “commitment to providing a positive student-athlete experience with fairness and inclusion for all those participating,” but Davis pointed out that “the NAIA’s important ‘Champions of Character’ initiative is undermined when a small group of presidents don’t appear to adhere to the NAIA’s own statement of core values, which includes ‘keeping commitments,’” adding, “It appears the Council has lost touch with its own administrators and no doubt much of the public at large.”

I can’t agree with this strongly enough.

Ultimately, what the NAIA and the NCAA are doing is attempting to punish the student athletes, thereby prompting their parents to attack North Carolina and force compliance.


Pretty twisted.

The president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Everett Piper, took it even further.

“Surely an organization that promotes champions of character should have enough moral clarity to recognize that female athletes should be given the dignity of having their own restrooms,” Piper told The Tulsa World when announcing his decision.

“How can we claim to be an organization that supports women if our leadership is so willing to deny female athletes the right to have their own bathrooms, showers, toilet, and lavatory?” he asked. “The NAIA’s disregard for such basic rights is sobering.”

It seems really simple and clear, doesn’t it?

Piper’s one mistake was interjecting the word “moral” into his statement.

If recent history has taught us anything, morality is relative, when it comes to dealing with Marxists. Morals are subject to personal feelings, not any set standard of right or wrong.

And so goes our society…





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