Principled Leadership in a Moral Wasteland

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” – 2 Timothy 2:15 NIV


This is a daily struggle for those who claim allegiance to the Christian faith and maintain that the Bible is the inerrant Word of an almighty God.

Every word is truth.

Every plan of God for His creation is absolute good.

There was nothing in His original plan that needed “tweaking” or that could be perfected on by man.

So when you hear liberal politicians, sports stars, entertainers, and other self-proclaimed warriors for social justice say that a man can be a woman, if he feels like it, or that a 7-year old girl, who prefers climbing trees and playing with trucks to dress-up and Barbie dolls, is obviously a boy trapped in a girl’s body, know that you are dealing with a corrupt frame of mind.

The problem is that there are people who have given these individuals far too much say in running this nation. They have infested our media, our schools, and our halls of government.

Their goal is to erode the foundations of truth and common sense. They each have their reasons – none of them good.

The problem is that far too many citizens have become apathetic to the world around them. They complain about the government, but do little to vet the candidates and vote accordingly. They complain about the culture, but then spend their money to support sporting events, movies, music, etc… that work against their values.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find principled leadership. It’s even harder to find politicians willing to plant their feet and stand, given the breakdown of civil discourse and waning values in this nation.


I have been writing about North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory and his efforts to keep the state fiscally sound and socially sane for some time, now.

He’s done an amazing job with the state’s economy. After coming into office in January 2013, facing a $2.6 billion debt to the federal government, he used common sense in implementing appropriate cuts and balancing taxes out, to not only cancel the debt, but bring the state into nearly a half billion in surplus.

He’s courted businesses and brought in 300,000 new jobs, with more coming, and has cut unemployment for every county in the state.

What’s more, the outlook for 2017 is grand. From the Tax Foundation’s 2017 State Business Tax Climate Index:

After the most dramatic improvement in the Index’s history—from 41st to 11th in one year—North Carolina has continued to improve its tax structure, and now imposes the lowest-rate corporate income tax in the country at 4 percent, down from 5 percent the previous year. This rate cut improves the state from 6th to 4th on the corporate income tax component, the second-best ranking (after Utah) for any state that imposes a major corporate tax. (Six states forego corporate income taxes, but four of them impose economically distortive gross receipts taxes in their stead.) An individual income tax reduction, from 5.75 to 5.499 percent, is scheduled for 2017. At 11th overall, North Carolina trails only Indiana and Utah among states which do not forego any of the major tax types.


The emphasis there is mine.

Governor McCrory has shown himself a wise and responsible steward of the leadership that has been granted to him.

So why is he struggling against a wholly ineffective opponent, state Attorney General Roy Cooper in the gubernatorial race?

The very real facts are, Roy Cooper is a puppet, at best. He’s a career politician who became settled in his job and has, up to this point, shown no real ambition.

He is a prop in this election, one who would not put up a huge fight, but would let outside sources, with no interest in the well-being of North Carolina’s families do all the work for him. California and New York liberal monies are funding his campaign, creating his ads, and busing in protesters to act out their outrage, while mobilizing the blue pockets of North Carolina, in places like Raleigh and Charlotte.

There’s a reason Cooper would only do one debate, and has been hiding behind attack ads, ever since.

McCrory took a stand on socially conservative policies, early on in his governorship, and it painted a very big bullseye on his back.

From his signing of an “anti-abortion” law, limiting access to abortions, and requiring abortion clinics to adopt some of the regulations that applied to ambulatory surgery centers, six months into his term, to the current bathroom law, which limits public bathroom access to birth-assigned gender, he has managed to burn every sacred cow of the secular humanist agenda.


Governor McCrory was interviewed by CBN News recently, and was asked about the current battle over the state’s bathrooms. When asked if he had plans to repeal HB2:

“No, not based upon the concept of changing the definition of gender… And HB2 is actually relevant now because the federal government has stepped in and ordered the definition of gender to be based upon expression and identity.

So, this whole focus on one bill is really a diversion… and the national media has no idea and the people in the public have no idea that this issue was started by the left in the city of Charlotte, by a very liberal mayor and by the attorney general that I’m running against. And by now President Obama and Hillary Clinton is supporting this concept also. It’s a major changer in our moral fabric.”

To be specific, McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly were prepared to call a vote to repeal HB2, but under the condition that the Charlotte City Council repeal the ordinance that would have opened up all city bathrooms to gender neutral status.

This ordinance was so broadly worded, that it left women and children open to possibly exploitation by predators, so the state’s General Assembly took immediate action, and McCrory signed off on the deal.

Adjustments were made to the bill later, to reinstate the right to legal actions by the transgender community, but the bulk of the bill remained intact, and limited bathrooms to be gender-specific.


A deal was nearly reached to repeal the bill, as well as Charlotte’s troublesome ordinance, and would have, in effect, set things back to the way they were before, but Cooper, as well as several Democrat lawmakers urged the Council not to agree to a repeal, in hopes that further economic damage from boycotts would hurt the state so bad that McCrory would be ousted in November.

Yes. Liberal Democrats would gladly see North Carolina burned to the ground, as long as they’re the ones standing on top of the ashes, once it’s done.

In fact, you will hear the voices of the liberal left – aided by the thuggish tactics of the NCAA, President Obama, his vile Department of (In)Justice, and a host of others who couldn’t care less about North Carolina, or the good McCrory has done for the state – beating the drums for “inclusion” and “tolerance” to a lifestyle that puts citizens at risk and is not what most families want.

Their definition of “tolerance” means compliance, and there will be no debate.

I’ve heard a lot of awful claims about Governor McCrory, but none address the issues that have lasting, positive effects for the state.

Asked how it affects him:

Gov. Pat McCrory: What my faith does is bring me serenity and when I get anxious I try to use my faith to go say, “be anxious about nothing.”

It’s probably my greatest sin though… anxiety, because it gets to me at times. Everyone comes up to me and goes, “Governor, you must have incredible thick skin when people say pretty cruel things about you and even make threats.’ And the fact is I don’t… I just hide it and then I have to go off and walk my dog or pray or get with people and bring serenity to my life. That’s what my faith does for me.


And that’s wise. Press in. We truly are at a tipping point in this society, where godly restraint and the bedrock principles of faith and family are drifting away.

Asked what is needed right now:

Gov. Pat McCrory: One thing I’ve told a lot of people is we have to have the silent majority quit whispering. They talk too softly about their support and they need to speak out now because what’s happening in America and what’s happening in North Carolina.

The only people you hear from is the media and the only people you hear from protesting in the street or on our universities are people on the very far left who disagree with people of faith on many issues but we’re not hearing from the silent majority.

They’re too quiet right now. Therefore, the impression of the independent voter is, well the loud people must represent the majority, and we’re going to find out this election. It’s going to be very interesting.

And again, he’s right.

Christians have become so afraid of being called “intolerant” that they choose to hide in their churches and pray, but they rarely mobilize and demand to be heard.

Prayer is always good. Remembering that we are not citizens of this world, but are only here for a short time, then we move on to our eternal home is essential, but because of that very thing, we should be emboldened to stand, always in love.


Where are our men of courage in the middle of this raging storm?

I am confident that Governor Pat McCrory is one. There are so few left, so when we find one, we need to rally to his defense.

Expect more from me on this, as November creeps ever closer.



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