Did Hillary Clinton Suggest a Drone Strike to Stop WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange?

So was this the security concern that caused Julian Assange to cancel his plans for a big balcony announcement about the latest WikiLeaks reveal?

We can’t be sure, but what WikiLeaks is citing as a report from 2010 is rather disturbing.


True Pundit reported Sunday that State Department officials revealed that Clinton asked, “Can’t we just drone this guy” at a Nov. 23, 2010, meeting with other officials. The report said Clinton’s suggestion was met with laughter, but also said Clinton was clearly “fuming” at WikiLeaks’ continued leaking of confidential State Department cables that she had signed.

For everything despicable that we know Hillary Clinton is, would she seriously suggest targeting and killing a person, and not an enemy combatant, just for being a whistleblower?

Granted, there have been times where the leaks revealed by Assange and WikiLeaks could be damaging to U.S. security, but he’s still just a person, not an active military player, a terrorist, or otherwise dangerous individual.

That’s a topic to be debated.

However, emails previously released from Clinton’s private server reveal Anne Marie Slaughter, a former director of policy planning at the State Department, sent an email on the same day in 2010 on the subject of possible “nonlegal strategies” for dealing with WikiLeaks. That email also notes that a meeting was held that day to discuss WikiLeaks.

“Following this morning’s meetings, I activated my four legal eagles on the SP staff,” Slaughter wrote, using an acronym for her team in policy planning. She said the team developed “one interesting legal approach and I think some very good suggestions about how to handle our public diplomacy.”


Non-legal strategies.

That Hillary Clinton discusses “non-legal strategies” is not a shock, actually.

A “302 report” was given to Congress by the FBI during their investigation last month, and it revealed that there were many times that Secretary Clinton had discussions about who to target for drone strikes and what the criteria should be.

“Clinton could not recall a specific process for nominating a target for a drone strike and recalled much debate pertaining to the concurrence process. Clinton knew there was a role for DoD, State and the CIA, but could not provide specifics as to what it was,” that report said.

“Due to a disagreement between these agencies, Clinton recalled having many discussions related to nominating an individual for a drone strike,” the report stated. “When Clinton exchanged classified information pertaining to the drone program internally at State, it was in her office or on a secure call.”

The agency generates 302 reports detailing information gathered over the course of criminal investigations.

Given that bit of information, even though it has yet to be decisively determined, it’s not much of a stretch to think that Hillary Clinton may have actually talked about droning Julian Assange, in order to shut WikiLeaks down.



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